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  • Dear Friends,
    I'd like to invite Ponniyinselvan members to view
    my Picasa photos under ' injamaven ', in 8 albums :

    India Travels; Masterpieces of S India; M. of N India;
    Animals; Children; Dvarapalaka; Ganas, Yazhis, etc.;
    & Hoysala sights.

    Some are not the greatest photos, but I hope the subjects
    will be of interest.
    If you have trouble getting in,
    please email [email protected].
    Thank you,

  • Dear kathie,

    You never fail to amaze us. I wish we could match urs to atleast 25 percent !!
  • wooow....Kathie..you are amazing. really you make us all feel ashamed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The best I liked is the Children of India...nothing is equivalent to a
    childs smile. :)
  • Dear Kathie,
    You are really great..Photos are wonderful and awe-inspiring.Thanks for the visual treat.
  • dear Satish,
    Yes, the children are the best; I'm so glad to see
    all over India, such lively, healthy-looking kids.
    I'll look for more among my photos and put them
    into Picasa.

    Thanks for the compliments.

  • Kathie,

    When I said i liked those photos, I was smiling to myself at the thought of
    one incident. I would say the best moment in my life.
    When we went to Pullamangai, i think in 2005, I was taking pictues with my
    handycam. All the childrens around there gathered and within no time nearl
    20 kids gathered to see us taking pictures. i took a couple of picture of
    them in group and when I showed them those pictures instantly on the lcd
    screen...there was a roar of laugther and joy amoung them and that made my
    moment. So joyful were they to see their picture instantly and their face
    was radiant with joy....I was thrilled. When I managed to get out of that
    group and rejoin ours, our member Seetharaman was standing at one corner and
    smiling. he said, I was just enjoying the joy in their faces when you showed
    their photos to them.

    Unforgetable moment in my life. I really realized what it is to make someone

  • That's lovely, Satish !
    I had a strange, not pleasant but memorable, incident at Pullamangai,
    also -- 12/95.

    I travelled alone that winter, exploring sites I'd seen photos of
    in my India archit. 'bible' : J.C.Harle ~ AAIS ~ Penguin [great book,
    rare sites]
  • Satish, Arvind, Mouli, Thiru, VJ, & Sreedevi,
    Thanks to all of you for your kind words!
    I'll be adding more photos all the time.

  • Dear Kathie,

    Dec 1995 ..

    almost 14 years .. nice recalling..

    for the pleasant and the unpleasant part..

    but again - when you are in India, pls do not share your cab / auto with unknown persons ..

    things have gone worse in the recent past.

    I stopped offering LIFT to unknown people.. atleast for the past 2 - 3 years.

    will see the photo album and revert.

    best regards/ sps

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