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  • Alright, people.

    Lets talk about something else.

    We hear about so many wars that the Cholzas undertook.

    Let us take the first war - KaandaLuur Saalai.

    How would you carry out the invasion and conquest?

    Logistics, strategy, etc.
  • Hello,

    Usually the cheras would be on the side of
    pandiyas. Before sending an ambassedor to chera
    kingdom, I will deploy the troops near kaandalur
    salai. Likewise I'll deploy my naval bases near ports
    of chera kingdom secretly ( in the name of commercial
    ships )

    I'll give orders to the commanders to attack chera
    kingdon if there is failure in the negotiation.

    This idea will work. Because as soon as the war
    starts the cheras will try save their harbours and
    ships inorder to save their wealth.( Using this wealth
    they may build troops again) So we may easily capture

    Disrespect to the ambassedor is also a sign of
    failure in negotiation. So the commanders need not to
    wait for the special order of the king. As the
    negotiation process is going on the cheras will not
    expect this attack.
    With Ragards,

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