is this true?
  • It was surprising for me to read the following post.

    ராஜ ராஜ சோழன் தஞ்சைப்பெரிய கோவிலை கட்டும் முயற்சியின் போது பல தேவதாசிகளை
    நரபலி கொடுத்திருக்கிறான் என்பது சரித்திரம் .

    Hard to beleive... is this true?
  • Hi,

    May be this is right. We all see the bright side of the history. Every history has its own dark side.

    Taj Mahal's architect hands were cut off.... Great wall of China is a cemetry (plenty of people were buried alive inside the wall,... many were en-slaved and died while building pyramids, golden gate bridge, hoover dam... Similary our Raja might have done something!

    Thanks for sharing the info. Hope this is not revealed in any history as its an image... there is a famous dialogue in movie Pulikesi23 "Varalaru miga mukkiyam amaicharae"


  • HI

    the nagarathar community is divided as nine parts called kovils
    they are actually 9 sub clans.
    each having it own temple. nagarathars have also build hundreds of temples all over south east asia.
    in each temple the first mariyathai is given to the ilayathangudi sub clan.
    this is because in history when the pandya king wanted to punish the community for some reason it was brokered that one man would be beheaded as a punishment for the whole community. the one man who offered his head came from the ilayathangudi temple clan.
    so his clan is still honoured.

    actually its quite common .
  • Is this true? Does anybody here know about the authenticity of this?


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