Saidapet Karaneeswarar Temple
  • This has been slipping my mind for a long time.
    There is a quite big temple in Saidapet, Chennai - Karaneeswarar Koil.
    I have seen this gopuram for a thousand time and visited only once.

    Can someone let me know the history behind this temple? WHo built, which era
  • I heard that the gopuram of this temple was constructed within 100 years
    only. Before that there was only mottai gopuram only.
  • அன்பு சதிஷ்

    சைதை காரணீஸ்வரர் பற்றிய ஒரு கட்டுரை கிழ் கண்ட
    சுட்டியில் கிடைக்கிறது .

    ஏ சுகுமாரன்

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