• Dear Sir,
    My village name is Rajaghiri, which is situated in Kumbakonam and Thanjavur high Road,, it is 12 km from Kumbakonam and 25 km to Thanjavur... Raja ghiri.... Raja means king or ruler and ghiri means Hill... I dont know which Raja it means and moreover there is no hill in this village.... I came to know from old natives of this village that the ancient name of this village is Raja chadur vedi Mangalam.....if  this name rings any bell for any one of our group, kindly let me know....... This village have streets with names Nayakar Street, Yalpanan Street, Brahamin street, Vadukar Street,Chekkadi street....
  • - Some time in about 1322 AD or so,

    Malikgafur when invaded .. from Chimdabaram - Srirangam took this route and obviously the spillovers of such invasion did / does reflect on this belt..

    Papanasam - Ayyampettai - Rajagiri - Pandaravadai etc., also figured in that route map.

    Luckily Pullamangai escaped attention.. !!

    st of the route.!

    anbudan / sps
  • Malik Kafur

    1314 AD
  • Dear SPS sir,
    where can i get details of Malik Kafur's route....
  • > Luckily Pullamangai escaped attention.. !!

    Cauvery helped a bit. The temple seems to have been buried inside the sand for quite a while


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