rajendra chola
  • dear friends
    can any one clarify my doubt

    In PS Sembiyan Madevi is characterised as an ordent devotee of Lord Siva with big heart. Whereas in Udayar Novel She is characterised otherwise.

    Further in PS Kalki has written that Vanathi is the mother of Rajendra chola and whereas in Udayar it is mentioned that Ulagamadevi is the mother of Rajendra chola.

    which is correct ?

    sridharan g
  • Hi

    I left reading udayar halfway on the portrayal of sembiyan madevi!! We
    have had some discussions already on this. Neelakanta sastry in colas
    specifically places uttama in doubt, but talks of his parents as

    On vanamadevi ( vanathi) is the mother of rajendra. There is
    inscriptional evidence to support this ( vananmadevi tiruvayir uditha
    rajendra), however, rrc pattamahishi is danti sakthi vitanki
    olagamadevi. Kalki , I presume, overcame this problem by saying
    vanathi died before amv ascended the throne. Keeping all this is mind,
    rjc was closer to panchavanmadevi ( he building her pallipadai) , is
    what is played in udayar
  • In later volumes of udayar, BK makes Chembiyan madevi a sort of negative
    character. She conspires to kill rajaraja along with the sons of
    Ravidasan. Also she keeps doing Pooja for the ill-effect of RRC.
    Finally, She gets killed by unknown people when she takes on her journey
    to join old madhurandhagan. L
  • Hi,
    Same here... I left reading Udayar halfway because of the characterisation of Sembian Maadhevi in that...
  • Hi,

    I am going to start after finishing Thillaiyil Oru Kollaikaaran...let me see
    whether I can steer through...
  • Hi,
    Some texts states that RajaRaja had 2 sons and 3 daughters
    இராஜேந்திரன், எறிவிலி
    கங்கை கொண்ட சோழன் are stated as his sons,
    மாதேவடிகள், அருமொழி
    சந்திர மல்லியரான
    கங்கமாதேவியர், இரண்டம்
    குந்தவை his daughters.
    is this just an error or is this substantiated?
  • Hi,
    Sorry about the mess below. I had tried to give the names in tamil and
    have not successful.
    The names stated are Rajendran, Erivili Ganagi Konda Cholan as his
    sons. Maadevaadigal, Arulmozhi chandira malliyarana gangamadeviyar and
    erandam kunthavai are stated as his daughters.
  • One might also consider the credibility of author while reading such novels. BK is a shameless plagiarist of Thi Janakiraman, his social works improved over time and he acknowledged doing that but i still would not trust his work for authenticity.
  • dear all,

    while surfing i found that there is book in tthe name of "rajendra chola". the web site says book out of print. if any one knows about the book available shops, pls let me know. the website link is http://www.exoticindiaart.com/book/details/IDD725/

    thanking you
  • Not getting the link.

    However there is a Book titled " Rajendra I " by a Karur College History HOD years back... prescribed as a Text Book.

    will check and mail you - dear Sakthi Sree.

    rgds / sps
  • dear sir,

      thank you very much sir.
  • dear sir,
    i dont know why that link is not working. any how i attached the pdf format file of that web page. pls have glance of that file.

    thanking you

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