• Hi Friends,

    I am oddly 22 years old and interested in Tamizh literature. Just by 2 days back, I completed reading PS. Needless to say, best ever book i have read. While and after reading PS, i had dream like being in kadambur aranmanai when AK was killed and few other like somebody riding in horse. Did anyone had the same feeling??
  • Oh, you got the virus as well. welcome.

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  • Someone riding the horse? To elaborate more on this I will get a bit
    tangential. When i was in school and if my mom asks me to go to the petty
    shop near by to buy something ... I use to imagine as if I am playing
    cricket Batting bowling catch sagalamum naane .... Hope how many of you have
    experienced the same.
    horse ....

    ~ Udanx
  • Hi,
    When I read PS for the first time, I was always in my dreamland along with the characters.... and had the same feeling on for a long time even after having finished reading the book.
    I used to feel like travelling with Vandhiyadevan, spying with Alwarkadiyan, horrified by AK's death along with Manimekalai and so on...
    Several scenes used to come in dreams.... and never got good sleep that time... But however, that was very much enjoyable... 
    All the topics I speak to people around, will end up in something related to PS. ha ha.. enga veetla ennai oru PS paithiyamnu mudive pannittanga.. :-)
  • Hi Sridar,
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