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  • Dear All
    I think SPS has a very valid point....Lets begin the year with some positive and fruitful discussions...

    I see a few people voting for Manimegalai but what about Mandakini...?

    Any thoughts
  • Dear members
    If kalki allives now, what will he write? Kindly consider when thyagaboomi is written, nobody thinks of outcasting of husband. Kalki boldly write that beautiful episode and consider uplift of women.kindly imagine and brief the story and enlighten the ponniyinselvan groups
  • Dear members,
    Kalki used historical name of the cities in his novels. As an example veeranarayanapuram eri is present veeranam. Is it true? What is name of kadaram now? Similarly other names of towns in ps, ss and pk are extensively used. Can any body tell the corresponding new name of the old name mentioned in kalki's novels. It will help to enjoy the stories by the readers like me who is not well versed with tamil nadu history. can any body help?

  • Dear members,
    I have upaloaded my story relating to pandyan indra haram, manimakudam published in kalaimagal. You may enjoy the story and comment.
  • HI all,

    This is Vimala from Salem. Just now i joined and i am very proud to being  a member in a group like this. After completed PS i searched the web to know more about that and the views of others about PS. Because people around me do not have any interest in historical novels and historical events except my sister. But now a days she is also not showing any interest to discuss about these because now her interests are only on her 6 months baby. I searched on the net to find people like me (mad on novels). But really it is a pleasent shock to me to find a group like this. I have seen most of the messages posted in this and decided to jump in this ocean. So I am here now with u all.

    See u all again!
  • I am facing exams in a very short while, so why dont one of you all volunteer and give me the personal e mail id so that i can forward it to that person who in turn can forward it to others?

    In turn it is my sincere request that if any of you have any of his works then please mail it across to me in this id at your convenience.I am trying to preserve his work and Mr Mahalingam who happens to be his son is not going to be of much help as he views the work with only a commercial mind and that is not exactly how i would like to percieve the genius of this humble artist.

    Due regards,
    Venkatesh Shankar

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  • Its well past midnight and am sitting and watching Mounaraagam in KTV for the god knows how manyth time...
    Cant avoid recollecting seeing the movie in Vijaya theatre in Thanjavur first day first show with hardly any crowd.....the said directors earlier movie Idhayakoil attracted a comment from vikatan ...who asked people like him to come and direct movies....Manirathnam..ofcourse...the rest is history...Karthicks mano was a grat hit with the girls and boys...Boys wanted to be Mano and asked the question can they be CK if there was a need....Girls wanted someone as charming as Mano as their love but wanted CK for life...
    I heard someone mention the same about Indian Males and KKHT....SRK liked bthe tomboyish Kajol but prefered to take the homely Rani Mukherjee home to mama...however when the same Kajol became Ranised....he didnt have any hestitation and apprently this in the Indian male and female pschye...

  • Hi,
    In Udayar 6th Volume..I found one song related to thevaram..
    Thandhadhu endhan thannai...
    Kondadhu undhan thannai..
    Sankara...(i forget the lines)
    In tht book,it shows tht it belongs to Thevara thiruvasagam..I downloaded thiruvasagam from net..but i caanot find these lines..
    Pls tell me...in which thevarapadhigam..these songs in coming..B'coz i like this song very much..

  • Saathmeeka,

    Just to clear the cloud here, thevaram is different and thiruvasagam
    is different. Thevaram Thiruvasagam doesnt sound ok to me. Thevaram
    was written by Appar, Sundarar and Sambandar and Thiruvasagam is by
    Manikkavasagar. So if its thevaram and if you searched in Tiruvasagam,
    sure you wont get it.

    And searching thevaram without knowing who wrote it, you have to wade
    through 7 volumes of Thevaram, thats thousands of songs

    my 2 paise worth..

  • The quoted song is in ThiruvAsagam ( not in thEvAram)

    It is the 10th (last) song in 'kOyil thiruppadhigam' .(no 22 in

    If you can read Tamil Unicode you can see it here:



    Yes, it is a beautiful poem and often quoted.

    If you have any problem reading it, let me know.

  • Hi,
    Somebody please tell me where i can get the book Udaiyar....I am in bangalore now. My hometown is chennai so i will be travelling to chennai soon.. so please tell me where i can get this....
  • Dear All
    Adiperukku nalvalthukaal
    I spend my adiperukku on the banks of the Rhine and Amstel,,,
    did ty to to go to Leiden to see the copper plates but was not successful
  • Hi,
    ) symphony - 2nd movement Largo.
    Thanks and best regards,
  • Yes, Venkateswaran K,
    That movement is very beautiful. A US text was
    set to it, called 'going home'. It's like 'dawn' don't
    you think ?
    Dvorak was inspired by the African-American
    Spiritual singing tradition, I 've read that it amazingly
    had features in common with his native Czech folk tune roots.
    Kathie B.
  • Dear Mr.Viswa and other members
    That was a courageous decision , to move to uppiliappan koil from chennai , and that too after being brought up in chennai. Did you have any regrets?
    I too would like tomove down in Kumbakonam after my children have settled down . But will I have the courage to do that ? ONly time can answer that.
    And let me introduce myself as I am a new member. My mother tongue is Kannada , so I naturally assume that I would be having my roots somewhere in Karnataka. But when my ancestors moved to Salem, where I live now , I do not know and for what reason they moved also is not known as it should be almost 2 centuries back. But one thing is whenever I visit Tanjore belt I feel that I am in a comfort zone and at home . My Manasiga Guru writer Balakumaran had also written about a similiar feeling in him. May be I was born, lived ,dreamt about the chola perarasu and died there serving the UDayars and that memory is lingering in my soul still . ( Would someone say whether it is really possible to find out from the OLLAI CHUVADI JOSIAM about our earlier births , If so I would really love to check it out )
    With regards / Shiva

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  • Hi Vijay and all,

    Here are some more pics taken in the Ancient Lighthouse of Mallai..

  • Hi
    vijay could you please explain whi it isnt a light house and
    something else?
  • A theme found in the oldest literature of Tamil as well as 2008 Tamil

  • Team,

    This is adhikaalai.com effort to make all kalki novel aavilable in audio.



    Want some one read out ponniyinselvan while you travel? Or how about
    listening to a chapter when you wait for a query execution to complete
    in another window?

    I came across this podcast where you can download the chapters in MP3

    http://adhikaalai- ponniyinselvan. mypodcast. com/

    About half of the first few chapters in Part 1 is available right now.
    They are updating regularly, so it could be soon all the volumes would
    be uploaded.

  • Dear All,
    Wishing everyone & families a very happy Diwali 2008.
    May this day bring happiness and joy to everyones hearts.
    Thanks and best regards,
  • Vanakkam friends, can you send me the photos of Gangaikondacholapuram and Big Temple with the archaelogical findings like Maligaimedu in GKCpuram.
  • Vanakkam friends,

    Hope all are doing well. A year or two ago, i heard in TV news that archeologists have unearthed a building or something like that in Tanjore Big Temple. After that there was no news about it. I didnt know how to approach and get the news. Now please send me the news regarding the new excavation and photos if available.

                                                 Thank you,
  • Dear Friends,
    I am Nandakumar, one of many silent members of this group.
    Even though having read and enjoyed Ponniyan selven at the age of 13-14, which ignited my tamil passion , as like many silent members in this group i am carried away by my carrer, working as process engineer in oil field.After joining this group few months back, i am very much delighted to know lot of informations,interesting articles& discussions. I must convey the moderator and the group members many thanks for such wonderful things to happen.
    However i am forced to break my silence on this group on one issue, which is not pertaining to our group's core interest, but our very own ethanic cause. I am sorry if it is not relevent to bring it, but i felt it is our cause and so., I apologise, if anybody is not happy for this mail.
    i appreciate, it is best not to discuss politics as our group is intend to interact only on literature, historical and cultural and other social issues, how ever as a true tamil loving human being i am unable to tolerate what is happening in taminadu on elam issue. i have just send two articles i read it from Vikatan.
    I request all to read and support our fellow tamils morally by forwording it to as many as tamils possible.
    When i read it i felt the pain from my heart.If you print and read it YOU FEEL MORE.
  • Dear members
    I am developing an article on TV Sundaram Iyengar. I shall be thankful to you if you kindly provide the various information about TVS Iyengar for making the article more effective.
  • Hi all,

    Some more pictures of Thiruchendurai temple.

    Here is a link of the website http://jeeyapuram.co.nr/.


  • Dear members

    Any body has seen my son's book on Victimology - Kurravalaigal Jakkirathai published by vikatan publications Dr Madava soma sundaram and my son shri K Lakshmanan are joint authors of the book- This book deals with how we can protect from criminal and their activitities
    Malathi madam may make comment if she read the book
  • Hello Friends
    I had one book name "Sembiyan Thilagam" author G.A.Vadivelu.I had only 2 parts of this book.So i want balance part.I search it. Plz if u have any idea for this book inform me.


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  • Iravum Nilavum of Karnan fame, is a MIXED shots song of BOTH Halebid AND Belur [ Halebid Sivan , Belur Vishnu].

    Sankarabaranam - Halebid
    Kaathal Oviyam  Somnathpur
    kaathal oviyam last song Big Temple Thanjavur
    Ellaar See ( L R C )
  • Dear malathi madam,
     I wrote one article in kalaimagal during last year relating to CV Raman in which i had listed all of his relatives. I request you to kindly have look on that article
  • Gauthama Neelaambaran [Kailaasanaathan] adamantly told me the " enaayiram" is a locality NOT the [very difficult] execution of 8000 jain monks by impalation,,
  • Dear VJ
    I know you have provided these before Can I have website links to RJCs kadaram campaign and kalvettus please
  • Dear PSVP friends,

    கள்ளழகர் மலையில்தான் ஆண்டாளின் ஜீபசமாதியிருக்கிறது Is it true
  • i read PS when i was 20 and also P kanavu
     Just re read PS along w Nandipurathu Nayagi AND Kaviri Maindan and Udaiyar
    NN seems to address some issues.. frankly , i think making Ponngazahali queen whilst romantic, must go the way of the[?fictious] anarkali.  And history seems to indicate recently, that Maduranthaka Uttama cholan was at the back of the assasination of Aditha karikalan, so it seems just a convenient story twist.. i wonder if there is  HISTORICALLY any evidence of VT contribution to the Chola empire [ Also, sadly when i first read Vengaiyin Mainthan as it was being serialised in Kalki in 1959, Akilan so downplays VT and Kundavai as two old people , K being only in goodbye scenes, i had no idea how BIG they reallywere, till i read PS]
    Dr Chandhru
  • Dear Members,

    Today I read in the newspaper about a stone inscription finding of near Kulithalai. It belongs to Kandaradhitha's period. :)


  • hi,

    Can anybody tell why RRC built a temple for a Singala Nachiyaar.

    As in story of PS did she save the king in any instance.

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  • Dear all
    Wish you happy adiperukku to all of you.
    Kalki started ponniyin selvan on this auspious day. Why dont we try to write a historical story?
    My proposal is this. We request all the members who are willing to write historical story to intimate their names. After confirming the names, we request the first  member to write the story about 150 words  minimum on the first day. The next member will continue the story and it goes on. We will be more flexible to include the memebrs who are willing to write the story.
    Normally ladies first. I request ladies inluding malathi madam to start the story.
  • Dear All
    In the presence of stalwarts and great writers like Dhivakar,Gokul,Venkat, Viswaksenan and Pavithra
    If amateurs are allowed count me in for the story relay
    Kind Regards

  • Dear sri sri,
     . Thank you very much for the kind response. All ametures like us will also write with the valuble guidance of the great writers of the forum. Please inform sps for the inclusion of your name. The entire scheme will be finalised during and after meet.
  • Nettur is about five miles west of Ilaiyangudi and may be about seven or
    eight miles north-west of Paramagudi railway station on the South Indian
    Railway. This is the place whete Kulottunga III defeated and cut off the
    head of Vira Pandya. Anivalakki must have been very near that.

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