PSVP Souvenir and Peruvizha:
  • Dear SPS sir & Thiru,

    I would like to reserve one book for me.  :)

    ps: is Rajendra seal also available?
  • Dear Mr SPS

    I need 2 copies - one for me and one for Ms Rakhi from bangalore
  • Dear Shriram Rajaram,

    Thanks and regards.

    Will keep them ready.

    regards / sps

  • Nice. will keep ready.

    regards / sps

  • Dear SPS

    I too need a copy
  • Dear SPS Sir,
    Kindly reserve a book for me and handover the same to Mr. Satheesh. I shall get from him when he comes to Kuwait.
  • SPS,
    One for me as well.

    ~ Udanx

    On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 2:38 PM, Parvadha Vardhini
  • Dear Vaidhyanathan,

    most welcome.

    Will keep CDs ready.

    regards / sps

  • Dear Friends,

    Dr. Nagaswamy, who just celebrated his birthday on the 10th Aug, has menioned to post his article in our Group as could be seen below :
    Dear SPS,

    I presume that you are busy with your 15th meet.

    Please visit my web in which I have just posted an article on Bharata natya sastra and Tamil literature.
    If you think it is useful pl circulate it to Ponniyan selvan group and others

    Bharata's Nâtya sâstra and
    Vrittis in Tamil Classic Silappatikâram
    Dr. R. Nagaswamy "

    Thank you very much respected Sir.

    Our sincere wishes to you on this happy occasion.

    regards / sps

    With best wishes. Nagaswamy

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