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  • Dear PS members,

    I thought of creating a new album named 'Ponniyin Selvan Fans' in our Yahoogroup where you can upload a passport size of your photographs so that we can easily identify and remember our PS members.

    So far I have seen Chandra, venkatesh (who got me the Rajakesari book). Since I am reading Rajakesari now, I want to see Gokul's face.
    Others - whom I met in Mallai trip - I dont remember the names and faces properly. so i would like you to add your photos with your full name.

    Search for Album 'Ponniyin Selvan Fans'.

    Thanks for uploading your photos :)

    Shriram Rajaram
  • Sriram,

    Thats a nice idea man. I have met SPS SPS SPS thats all. Seen your photo in
    G Talk. Others I wish to meet them in person.

    ~ Udanx
  • Dear Shriram,

    I have seen SPS,Venkat,VJ,VV,divakarĀ  and Chandra in photos and blogs.
    I have personally met Mr.Viswaksenan.
  • - Dear Udanx,

    you are seeing more of SPS because i contain so much of PS. s ps.

  • Dear Sriram Rajaraman, Udanx and Chandramouli,

    you are right. Before meeting Venkat - due to his maturity in writing - I was imagining very elderly. He pleasantly surprised me at the inaguration of PSVP on the 24h July 2005 at Luz Sangeetha !!

    Swetha introduced us..

    Likewise NDTV Vaidhyanathan - very pleasant.. same Arunachalam Vaidhyanathan !!

    We will try to more familiarise unknown faces ..

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear All

    Eagerly waiting to meet all of you on the 15th of August.


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