• Dear friends,

    I learnt Thanjavur painting in 2005. I drew 3 pieces.

    Since I love Egyptology as well,  I thought of blending both our painting with that of the Egyptian one.

    Here is the painting of Amon Ra (Egyptian Sun God) rendered in our Thanjavur Painting.

  • HI Sriram

    the internal support system in the big temple and the one in red pyramid look so much alike. we had a photo of it in our group
    and the bent pyramid looks so much like the chola architecture in chidambaram.
  • Hi Venkatesh,

    Yes, you're right. you know,  I have been inside the second floor of the Great Temple :)). When I saw the interior, I was stunned to see the same kind of architecture as that of the Pyramids.

    PS: I havent been to Egypt yet :(



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