Raja raja cholan's palace where he had lived in Thanjavur
  • Dear Sir,,,

    I want to know in which area of Thanjavur RajaRajaCholan had built his palace and lived.... there was a palace in Malaihai Medu in gangaikonda cholapuram.... but i want to know where was the palace of RRC in thanjavur
  • Dear SPS,
    Thank you sir,,,
  • hi all

    I am appending herewith a series of exchanges with the Dr Jb in agathiar
    forum on the palace burning, donkey ploughing, seed sowing episode. Notice
    that what was done to madurai was returned back in full to tanjore and
    uraiyur - but for one single building, which was spared. It was spared
    becase it was offerred as a gift to a poet. such was the importance given to
    poets those days..

    warning, its a long attachment and in tamil. aplogise to non tamil readers

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    You have opened up another path.
  • yes, its realy new path,,,, but whom to enquire about this..
  • தலைநகராகக் கொண்ட அரசன்

    கங்கைகொண்ட சோழபுரம் என்பது பிற்காலத்துச் சோழ மன்னர்களுடைய தலைநகரங்களில் ஒன்றாகும். இதைத் தலைநகராகக் கொண்டவன், முதலாம் இராசராச சோழனின் மகனும், சோழவள நாட்டைக் கி.பி.1012 முதல் 1044 வரை ஆட்சி செய்தவனும், அலைகடல் நடுவுள் பலகலஞ்செலுத்திக் கடாரம் முதலியவைகளை வென்றவனுமாகிய முதலாம் இராசேந்திர சோழன் ஆவன்.

    இவன் இதைத் தலைநகராகக்
    கொண்டதற்குக் காரணம்

    பிற்காலத்துச் சோழ மன்னர்களுக்கு (விசயாலயன் காலம் முதல், முதலாம் இராசராச சோழன் காலம் முடிய) தலைநகராய் விளங்கியிருந்த தஞ்சாவூர், பாண்டிய மன்னர்களுடைய எல்லைக்கு அருகில் இருந்தமையால், அம்மன்னர்கள் படையெடுத்து வந்து எளிதில் வென்று விடலாம் என்னும் கருத்துப்பற்றியும், தங்கள் குல தெய்வமாகிய தில்லைச் சிற்றம்பலத்து இறைவனை அடிக்கடி வந்து வழிபடுதற்குக்
    கொள்ளிடப் பேராறு வெள்ளப்பெருக்குக் காலங்களில் பெருந்தடையாய் இருந்தமையாலும
  • Dear friends I think that it is my duty to interfere with the word Donkey and Errukku.

    I took this long time because I wanted to refer the books and Palm leaves manuscripts on these subjects.

    The real meaning for Donkey in

    Sanskrit word  Khara means Doney and the same word says about a herbal with thrones that is used while chanting Rudra and Chamaka the Sivan Slokams. The other meaning ,,, in Sanskrit is Raasabha means Donkeys, jackals and Chariot f Aswins, which is a chariot that will bring the Soft rays from the SUN.  Rig Veda I - 34 - 9 - 1., II- 6 quotes  this.

    Another meaning is greediness.

    So the King who won the battle burried his greed in the town, cool down the temperature, which was hot with hot blood.

    There is quote that Viswamitra ate this  root Errukku  to cool down his body after fasting for 12 years.

    So the real meaning is that, the kings performed Yagas to cool the atmosphere that will bring the piece and buried their greediness.

    Rig Veda Chapter I was formed in B.C. 8000-B.C.7000

    The Sutras were created even in AD1000 and is well under stood that the battle field was conducted yagas and

    Eruuku is also a herbal that is used to cool the body.

    The real meaning is that the old places which were purified with water and Yagams and Yagnas were conducted to get peace is wrongly misunderstood.
    Another meaning is Lotus.

    So we can assume that after the battle to cool down the heated earth, So many Rudra yagams were conducted

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