Rajaraja chola palace
  • Dear Friends,

    the Chola Palace was situated in the Present " Srinivasapuram" area of Thanjavur, near Vadavar river. The area is now under Melaveli Village. It is learnt that Pandiya king invaded Thanjavur during the last chola king and destroyed the palace and believed to have plouged the land with Donkey and sowed seasan seedsm which was considered as great insult to the king who got defeated.

    G sridharan
  • Dear Sridharan,

    Correct Sir. Srinivasapuram !

    I was recollecting Srinivasapuram or Srinviasanagar ..

    Thanks for the information.

    Pandya invasion / reaction is recorded in sundarapandya meykeerthi.

    It is also there in our archieves ..

    regards / sps
  • Is there any time lime reference when this destruction happened ?
  • Dear Sir,

    Now I am 53 yrs old... when i was studying 3rd or 4th std my family lived in srinivasapuram, rajaji salai..... if we take the left street of rajaji salai and at the end of road there was dilapiated mandam with stairs leading to the basement...... it was told as surankapathai to Periya Koil... from that place we can see the back side of Periya Koil..... Is any one aware of this...... we had left thanjavur during 1966.... after that i ddont have a chance to go to that place....

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