Ayyayyo Pisaasu!
  • A PS trivia.

    "Ayyayyo pisaasu" is the only chapter title used twice in PS. Don't
    remember which chapters. Was there is my friend's website on PS. Forgot
    the URL too..
  • Karthik,
    A couple of corrections:
    The chapter is called Ayyo Pisasu (and not ayyayyo pisasu, you
    probably were misled by krupa's earlier mail).
    Ayyo Pisasu comes thrice and not twice.
    1. VD says after seeing Ravidasan (III part)
    2. Manimekalai says it, and VD goes for help (V part)
    3. Pinakapani sees Alwarkadiyan, and thinks he is a pisasu- after VD
    and Karuthiruman escape from the dungeon, also from part V.

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