Travel in Cholaland
  • If i tried I could... but it would take me a few months! I would love to but time's hard to get by these days... so i stuck with the English version.
    I got the English versions from India. I've been collecting them as they came out for the past 3-4 years. Everytime someone I knew went to India i asked them to bring back the next one in the series. I finally got the last two when my mother went to India last December. They're wonderful but I would love to read them in Tamizh. Maybe my senior summer!
  • Tilotamma 420-nna nee 840 ;)

    Couldn't think of anything more childish to say for your age,
    "fire-mouth' pissaasu and raapisaasu..

    Thilak, nee inga vaa paathukkaren unnai.

  • Konjam.. sandilyan stories padinga.. at par to kalki.. Both the Hero and villan will be
    knowing each other steps..good characters.. any comments...

  • Once again I think you are amazing simply for having picked up the
    book at his age. I am sure you can do anything if you tried.
    gotta go,
  • yes.. always orginal is orginal..

  • Ah but his what I saw on tfm. I thought that the description "Rajni
    like character" was too funny.


    I just finished "Kadal Pura" by Sandilyan and wanted to get some
    views on what others think of it. Someone on this forum recommended
    Kadal Pura as a great historical novel. I think I would have to

    A historical novel is one which not only is set in historical times
    but also is built upon a series of historical events. Moreover, it
    also ought to comment upon the social melieu of those times. Sadly,
    Kadal pura was a huge disappointment in those terms. Although, the
    setting was historical and a couple of main characters were, almost
    none of the events had any historical basis.

    It almost seemed at times like it was a Rajnikanth movie with its
    larger than life hero Karunakara Pallavan doing amazing deeds.

    Ponniyin Selvan on the other hand was a joy to read. It discussed
    the political/social situation in the country... discussed the
    historical aspects.. with a lot of vivid imagination thrown in to

    I would love to hear comments from other people who have read both
    the books.
  • Have a good trip Viji. Whereabouts in India are you visiting?
  • I think Sandilyan and Kalki are both good writers.. But Sandilyan's
    novels kinda get repetitive. One thing is sure though Kalki's novels
    are for all kinds of readers, but Sandilyan's skewed more towards
    adults.. My cricketmates (who're all very elder to me) used to tease
    me when I told them I read "Vijaya mahadevi" in Kumudam when I was
    studying 6'th standard..

    I don't know about the historicl correctness of his novels.. They
    are mostly centred around battles and sieges. So you can find
    various plots used by the hero and the villain gang.. Infact "Kadal
    pura" is very good in the sense that it talks about the old Tamil
    navy.. Definitely there is no lack of vivid imagination on
    Sandilyan's part too...
  • Hi All,

    PS is more on Land that's why u r having more evidence and "kadal pura" is mostly on
    sea.. how u can expect more evidene to prove that.. if u travel to Malaysia and other
    islands near to that adn if u look into their history there is a strong evidence on that.

    PS is more on our zone so we know more abt the historic base.. See kadal pura is not only
    Karunakara pallavan.. it is a combination of "Anabaya Choozan" and "Karunakara pallavan"
    like our "Arulmozhi" and "Vandhiyathevan"(frndship)...

    > It almost seemed at times like it was a Rajnikanth movie with its
    > larger than life hero Karunakara Pallavan doing amazing deeds.

    I will disagree on that.. see how much our people know more on technology point..
    constructing a ship..

  • That would be a wonderful idea. It would help to know that there was an online copy available.
  • Ranjani
    there is already an online version of PS available in the project madhurai's site but you need tamil fonts.

    and the highlighted names below are all our group members who proof read the whole manuscript three times between us.

    I think Pavi,Ram,Latha and Sathya deserve a big Cheers for that.


    Proof-reading: Mr. S. Anbumani, Mr. N.D. Logasundaram, Mr. Narayanan Govindarajan, Ms. Pavithra Srinivasan, Mr. Ramachandran Mahadevan, Ms. Sathya, Mr. Sreeram Krishnamoorthy, Dr. Sridhar Rathinam, Mrs. Srilatha Rajagopal, Mr. Vinoth Jagannathan
    Web version: Mr. S. Anbumani, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

    Merry X mas

  • Krupa,

    Thanks! Can you let me know which of you guys I can contact for
    suggestions(for travel in Cholaland)?

    Under 15? No such luck, I wish I were :) I am well above 15! I grew
    up in Malluland, so never learnt Tamil in school - learnt to read
    and write at home, so it takes me a while to read. As for PS, I
    couldn't stand my slow-as-a-snail reading as the story was moving
    too fast, so I switched to English. And yes, I think its great that
    its out in English as non-Tamilians can also read it now. Recently I
    got some of my non-Tamilian friends to read it(they love 'The Lord
    of the Rings', so I figured it stands to reason they would like PS
    too) and they all love it!


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