Poonguzhali-Arulmozhi vs Saendhan Amudhan
  • oh sorry... All I wanted to say was Saendhan Amudhan was quicker than
    Arulmozhi....and Poonguzhali never had a chance to explain and
    express her love explicitly. Had she, it would have been different...

  • Orru Kezhvi Krupps - neenga Madraslla thana irrukenge?
    Eppo thunkuvinga?
  • Neenga "raappisaasu"nnu onnu kelvipatrikkeengala? Krupa (and someone
    else in this group who's now visiting Chennai ;) ) belong to that


    Hehehe - kandukaadhe Krupa and Thilak - romba naal aachu yaaraiyaavadhu
    vambukku izhuthu.adhan
  • Looks like the raappisaasu has gone off to sleep at last :-).
  • Hey Coffee Machine,
    Where's the english version of this conversation? ;) Eththana
    dhadavai sonnalum puriyadha unakku? :D
    Disclaimer: This mail has been posted because:
    a) I am in India. The bullet from Montreal would have hit me much
    faster if I had been in US now :)
    b) Krupa, who is the only person who knows my whereabouts in Anna
    Nagar wouldnt become my Ettappan (hopefully) and call the Montreal
    person's relatives here ;)
  • Krupa.. Neenga ivvalavu nallu "Kadai", "Thiraikadhai", "vasanam", "Direction"
    ezhudhoveengannu ippathaaan theriyuthu..

    krupa ethu romba.. Coimbatore "Kusumbu", madras "Nakkal".. ellam kalanthu irukku..

    for reading its good.. Keep it up


    M. Ramanath
  • As its afterdark for krupa now ;) I respond to this message, and am
    sure he'd agree...
    Idhukku per 'ooroda othu vazharadhu' many members in our group are in
    the US/Canada.. Latha, Sathya, Mani, Viji/Vijisree aka tilotamma,
    Prathiba (u still around?), Naren (right?), Ranjini, Mathy... mattrum
    palar.. So, avanga working hrs-kku nanga work panrom.
    When I come back to US, obviously I'll have to work when its day time
    in India, as a majority of our members like Krupa, Pavi, Lavanya,
    Kamal and a lot of others are here.
    Thats why!
    Beats your raapisasu concept, right, c?

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