Attn. Bangalore PS Members
  • Dear PS  members (Bangalore and others too),
    Please check the following link, which is an invitation to attend our Annual function.

    If you are in Bangalore and have some spare time on Sunday, the 31st May 2009, please do attend.
    There will be a drama titled "Thirumurai Kanda Puranam" highlighting the great Rajaraja Cholan's part in finding the Thirumuraigal.
    The other highlight  would be Oduvaar's programme.  Last year the Oduvaar (Isimaamani Surgurunatha Desigar of Mylai)  bust in to tears when singing a verse from Tiruvasagam and so was the crowd.
    A couple of PS members have confirmed that they would attending and we can make this a mini PS group meeting too.
    I will be available all through the day at the venue. You can also talk to me over phone on 9449048586.


  • Wow.. Nice events. All the very best.
  • Thanks dear Saravanan.

    We will work out a Chennai meet suiting outstaion members too.

    regards/ sps

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