• Dear SPS
    thangal sitham engal bhakiyam.....VJ has been made a moderator...
    A warm welcome VJ
  • Congrats Vj...
  • Hi sirs

    Its a great honor and will try and live up. Bovonto not available here, but can organise some decent drinks. SPS sir's meetings - one such meeting changed the course of my life and made me meet some very important people - of the vips i met in the first meeting, am happy to say that i am in touch with almost everyone on a daily basis ( except Seethalakshmi maam) - Sps sir, Dhivakar sir,venkatesh, sivaram kannan - the list goes on.

    thanks again to sps sir for introducing Dr. Nagaswamy sir, Prof Swaminthan sir, K Balu sir...on i am indebted to you, to the group, to ps and to kalki

    btw, i had met with one of our group members mr Sakthis last week. He is keen to organise a meeting in sin among psvp enthusiasts. Any takers.
  • You deserve it VJ. Congrats.

    New Moderatorkkum oru 'O' podunga!!!!!!
  • Warm welcome Vj. It is good to have moderators across the globe in
    different timezones.
  • Dear Thiru
    Well Said
    We have VJ in Singapore
    You, SB and Venkat in India
    Me in UK
    Gokul in USA
    Iyyapan anf Ram are historic moderators
    Defintely all the major timezones are covered.....
  • Hi Thiru,

    Are you in India now? When did you go to India?
  • Yeah, VJ !

  • Dear Mr. VJ,
  • Congrats to VJ.. the man who introduced me to this group!

  • First things first. Congrads VJ.

    In the good old days, in computer programme codes, we used to slash
    'zero' to differentiate from 'O'. Aren't we losing some good habits; all
    members if PS are Ohs and no zeroes will fit in this august group.
  • Thiru in India?? You shifted base Thiru??

    On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 6:34 AM, sridhar rathinam
  • Congrats Vj.
  • - Thank you dear Sampath, for zeroing on the point !

    regards / sps
  • VJ, Congrats and its befitting.

    I had the luxury of listening to him a whole noon and certainly humbled by the amount of knowledge on sculptures, temples, India that he posses.


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