Chola Temples - Info needed
  • Dear Friends,
    Is there any book or any site giving the list of temples built by cholas (those mentioned in PS) & those built by Rajaraja chola & Rajendra chola???
    I would like to visit them when I come to India. Please guide.
  • There is a set books on tanjore and kerala temples by Baranidharan.
    Thiruththala Perumai - Tanjai koilgal (4 parts)
    Kerala Aalayangal
    Publisher Kalaignan Pathippagam, T. Nagar Chennai.
    Some of the temples listed here have been renovated.
  • Thank you Mr. Sampath & Mr. VJ. I shall get these books when I come to India.
  • Dear Vardhini,
    I'll vouch for the usefulness of the S. R. Balasubrahmanyam
    books. I own 'Early Chola Temples', Orient Longman, '71.
    It's a 'bible'. Good old photos, too. Hope you can get hold
    of it.
  • -Dear Vijay, SPs and others

    we need to get a list of pallava temples, chola temples, pandya temples( the must see ones)

    perhaps add a route and the importance.

    and place it in our files section

  • Hi
    That would be of great help for all of us who are wishing to visit such temples!!!
  • Hi Vardhini

    why dont yopu check out the photos folder.
    a lot of our members have posted their trip pictures

  • I would very much like a list of 10th century
    & older, P, P & C temples.
    They seem to have the finest sculpture,
    in my opinion, earlier the better
    ( so also, whether or not they have extant
    murthis )
    ps does anyone have photos of the giant
    ganas - I think they are below the cave
    garbhagrha - kind of sunk down,
    Thiruparankundram? One is supposedly
    very auspicions.
  • hi venkat

    pallava - from cave temples of the pallavas by KRS
    The Mahendra style

    Mandagappattu: Lakshita's cave-temple 47
    Pallavaram: Panchapandava cave-temple 51
    Mamandur II: Rudravalisvaram cave-temple 54
    Kuranganilmuttam: Kal-mandakam cave-temple 58
    Vallam I: Vasantesvaram cave-temple 61
    Mahendravadi: Mahendra's Vishnu cave-temple 64
    Mamandur I: northern cave-temple 67
    Dalavanur: Satrumalla's cave-temple 71
    Tiruchirappalli-Lalitankura's cave-temple (upper) 79
    Siyamangalam: Avanibhajana's cave-temple 89
    Vilappakkam: Panchapandava cave-temple 94
    Aragandanallur: unfinished cave-temple 98

    Period II
    Tirukkalukkunram: Orukal-mandapam cave-temple 100
    Mahabalipuram: Kotikal-mandapam cave-temple 107
    Singaperumal-koil: Narasimha cave-temple 110
    Singavaram: Ranganatha cave-temple 112
    Melacheri Sikhari Pallavesvaram cave-temple 116
    Mamandur IV: smaller unfinished cave-temple 118
    Mamandur III: large unfinished cave-temple 118
    Mahabalipuram: Dharmaraja-mandapam or Atyantakama's cave-temple 122
    Saluvankuppam: Atiranachanda's cave-temple 125

    Period III
    Kilmavilangai: Vishnu rock-cut cell 130
    Vallam II: lower (Siva) cave-temple 132
    Vallam III: northern (Vishnu) cave-temple 134

    The Mamalla style

    Mahabalipuram: Koneri-mandapam, five-celled (Siva) cave-temple 134
    Mahabalipuram: Varaha-mandapam cave-temple 141
    Mahabalipuram: Mahishamardini-mandapam cave-temple 148
    Mahabalipuram: Trimurti cave-temple 156
    Mahabalipuram: unfinished cave-temples 161
    Mahabalipuram: Paramesvara-Mahavaraha-Vishnu-griha (Adivaraha) cave temple 166
    Mahabalipuram: Ramanuja-mandapam cave-temple 175
    Saluvankuppam: Yali-mandapam (Tiger-cave) 180
    Mahabalipuram: the smaller Yali-mandapam 183
    Mahabalipuram: Mahishasura rock-cut cell 183
    Mahabalipuram: Mahishasura rock-cut cell

    However, this leads topics of discussions as below

    Rajasimha ( listing undisputed ones)

    mallai tiger caves and atiranchanda mandabam
    mallai shore temple
    kanchi kailasnatha temple
    panamalai - talagiririswarar ( with his portrait painting)
  • excellent vj

    now can yyou tell us by grouping them around present habitation centres
    something like this

    trichy- Tiruchirappalli-Lalitankura's cave-temple (upper)
    senji Dalavanur: Satrumalla's cave-temple 71
    senji- Mandagappattu: Lakshita's cave-temple
    chennai- Pallavaram: Panchapandava cave-temple
    chennai Singaperumal-koil: Narasimha cave-temple
    kanchipuram- Kuranganilmuttam: Kal-mandakam cave-temple 58
    vandavasi Siyamangalam: Avanibhajana's cave-temple
    ECR Tirukkalukkunram: Orukal-mandapam cave-temple 100
    Mahabalipuram: Dharmaraja-mandapam or Atyantakama's cave-temple 122 Saluvankuppam: Atiranachanda's cave-temple 125
    chingelpet Vallam II: lower (Siva) cave-temple 132
    Vallam III: northern (Vishnu) cave-temple 134
  • Wow!!! That was great Mr. VJ. Thank you so much
  • Thanks for the very useful list, VJpedia
  • - Vijay's list should serve as a reference for detailed discussion.

    Pls put this mail in files section for future ref.

    anbudan / sps

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