Who is Keralaanthagan?
  • Dear Members,

    I have a question. The so-called 'Keralaanthagan' - who was defeated by Rajaraja Cholan - was he a Chera King? The entire Kerala of those days belonged to Chera right? or was there a small portion of the region that belonged to a different kingdom which wasnt of Chola, Chera or Pandya mixture?

    Yesterday there was an argument with my collegue who said that 'Kerala was not invaded by any north indian invasion'. I said that 'Yes,but the entire south India was under the control of the Moovendhars and Kerala was nothing but Chera Nadu. That's why nobody could enter. But he said that some part of Kerala was a seperate kingdom.

    I would like to know if he is correct?

    Expecting your reply.
  • Hi Vj,

    Regarding the gopuram names, i think the first gopuram has the name as
    Keralanthagan vaayal, then comes the rajarajan vaayal.

    Correct me if i am wrong.
  • Sorry, I didnt reply to this message thru email:

    Yes. apart from the Nayakars arch in the front:

    1. கேரளாந்தகன் நுழைவு வாயில்
    2. ராஜராஜன் நுழைவு வாயில்
    3. தக்ஷின மேரு



  • Date: 11-2-2008

    Dear Gandhiram,

    Keralanthahan divides into Kerala + Anthahan. Anthaham is a Sanskrit
    word meaning "the end" or "finish". Kerala Anthahan means the one who
    has "put an end" or "finished" (i.e.captured)the Keralam. This was a
    title of Rajaraja Chola - 1 (A.D.984-1014)which he bore after his
    capture of Kerala. He has named a Brahmin Settlement as Keralanthaha
    Chathurvedi Mangalam. He has named one of the main entrance to
    Thanjavur Rajarajaeswarem as Kerlanthaka Vaayil, etc.

    The capture of Kandalur Salai or Vilignam or Kollam never meant that
    he captured the Kerala. It was his capture of Kudamalai Nadu with its
    capital at Mahodai the present Kodungallur, which meant he captured
    the Kerala. The regions of Kollam, Vilignam, Kandalur Salai all were
    under different subordinate kings of Kerala who accepted the authority
    of the Kerala King at Mahodai of this period.

    Refer to my Thread titled "The medieval Chola Empire and their
    relations with Kerala" - in WWW.mayyam.com I think this same article
    I posted around A.D.2004 in this PS Forum. Please check.

    Also await my new research article titled "The great significance of
    Kodungallur of Kerala in the history of Kerala and Tamil Nadu", to be
    posted both in PS Forum and in mayyam.com.

    Anbudan - Virarajendra

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