Iym padai thaali
  • Kuzhaathirku vanakkam,

    (Doesn't groups translate into Kuzhaam - PS group can have a name
    Chozhar kuzhaam?)

    I want to know about "Iym padai thaali". I remember reading in some
    book, that in Sangam/pre-sngam days boy children were adorn with this
    necklet with pendants depicting five weapons (of vishnu?) - Chakra,
    Bow, Mace, Vel and Sword.

    Do we have epigraphic evidence for this practice? If so, would'nt it be
    great to reintroduce this in contemprory culture.

    Any info would be appreciated
  • Dear sir,
    Iym padai thaali is a documented custom of the early age. In Puranaanooru, in a song representing Thalaiyaalanganathu seru vendra Pandian Nedunchelian, it is written "THAALI KALAINTHANDRUM ILANEY" which refers to the Iym padai thaali. It is also reffered to in some pillaithamizh poems. I also read about this custom in a novel named 'Paandimadevi', written by N.Paarthasaarathi. If this custom is renewed it'll really be good as you say.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for this message. Sure, if we have any pictorial proof, then we shall reintroduce this culture!!! :)

    Just I found this article while searching for AYM PADAI TAALI. read this:

    According to the Tamil
    Sangham classics, it was the ancient practice to make infants
    wear a medal with the fivesome vaishNava weaponry
    (aym-paDai-tAli) embossed on it. These very divine weapons are
    carried, even to-day, on the coins of Nepal. The sudarSana-
    chakram and the Sankham are popular emblems in Nepal.
    Here is the link: http://www.ramanuja.org/sv/bhakti/archives/jun97/0056.html


  • I also know of its Vaishnavite connections, but I believe this
    predates mainstream Vaishanvism. And Vel certainly is not a vaishnava

    So I would be looking more at Sangam age.

    After all Sanga kaalathu Unavu has made a come back, why not sanga
    kaalathu nagaikal
  • Thanks will check it.

    Offhand, does it mean that Neduchezhian won the battle at an age when
    he was still wearing the IPThaali. Seems the poets wanted to
    exaggerate/highlight his youth.

    It would be great if we can get a description or better a picture of
    the ornament
  • I don't know upto what age people were wearing Iym padai thaali! But I remember that I've read that Nedunchelian must have fought the battle at the age of 17. I'm not sure about it. I think the ornament must be like a dollar.

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