Moondru Mandira Vaadhigal
  • In my mom's library there was a collection Moondru Mandiravaadigal / Onaai
    Kottai / 007 Baalu. One fine morning it vanished from her collection. I
    guess some of my friends stole it. I have been looking for these books, but
    no body seems to remember these stories. I am not getting them even
    in Trichy Chowk book shops where you can get almost all the old books in the
    world. Anyone in our group has it?

    ~ Udanx
  • Hi Udanx,

    Where is this bazaar in Trichy?
    Can we get the novels like PS published in Kalki over there?
  • Hi,

    Me too eager. every weekend i go to Tiruchy (my native). Pls tell me where is this bazaar?
  • Its on the Big Bazar Street. When you go towards Malaikottai you will find
    the below mentioned land marks

    1. Govt girls high school to your left
    2. Thaila Silks on your right
    3. Lot of book shops / lending libraries on the gate of this school. You
    can get good books there
    4. Else on the right, there will be an entrace to the Chowk ground there
    you will find lot of second hand book shops. Trust this helps

    ~ Udanx

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