• Hi Friends,

    I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2009!

    This weekend I went to some ancient Chola Temples near Tiruchy. Please find attached some photos that I took in Thiruchendurai Temple. A beautiful temple.
  • Dear Shriram,
    I'm looking again at your great photos. Where exactly
    is that temple, is it in Trichy Dist. do you know
    its taluk?
    Also did you happen to take a photo of the whole
    Dvarapalaka you show w nag & rat at his foot?
    It looks like a masterpiece.
  • Dear Kath

    Please visit Pechinam parai in trichy and Pillaiyr temple near Samayapuram.

    In that Place, The Kalingaththu parani was sung in Samayapuram.
    In Pechynam parai you will find a rock inscription.
    Please call me
    9444042341 once you reach that place and I will gaid you how to go there
  • Dear Ramachandran,
    Thanks for the references,
    but afraid I'm near Boston, no plans for visiting
    Tiruchy for quite a while.
    Just interested in the sculpture, and exact locations
    to put in the site database I've been building.
  • If any one visit Trichy Please inform me. I will try to give full information about Samayapuram (or Kannanoor.) It was the capital of Cholas. On those days cholas had capital
    Thiruvannamala, Hosur, Kannanoor, Gangaikonda Cholapuram and Chidambaram  as their Capital.

    Since I wrote a thesis I am of the opinion that I am fully analysed the historical back ground of this Samaya Puram.
  • Dear Shri Ramachandran

    Thank you for your information on Tiruchy surroundings.

    However i want make it a point that Kannanoor was a capital of Hoysala- Chola born Vira Ramanatha Deva who ruled in those areas which were shared between the Sons of Hoysala King through Chalukyn Princess and Chola Princess .The Former was Someshwara Deva and the later was Veera Ramanatha Deva who has built numerousShiva Temples in and around bangalore, Tumkur, Ramanagaram, Chennapatna with beautiful 12, 13th century Tamil letters. As a part of my Chola Temple survey i have visited all those temples which are mentioned in the Later Chola Temples by S.R Balasubramanian, Renowned Author on Chola Temples, Gangai kondacholapuram reached the Capital status when Shri.Rajendra Devar I became Emperor of Imperial Chola Empireconsidering the vulnerability of Thanjavur for attacks from southern side as well as the Place where Chola Rajendra I started his Campaign agaist Northern India.

    With regards

    G.Santhana Krishnan.
    Scientist,DRDO, Bangalore.



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  • Hi Ramachandran,

    are you from Tiruchy? :) I am also from Tiruchy!!!!


  • Suggested reading: Nadanthai Vaazhi Thiruchirapalli
  • what? is there a book with this name?


  • Yes. Forgot the publisher's name though.

    > what? is there a book with this name?
  • Hi

    Where can we get this book?


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