Nandhini - the mysterious as ever
  • Is it Sendan Amudan or Madhuraanthakan?

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    > 2. Oomai rani @ Mandakini delivering twin girls

    one girl and one boy actually
    nandini and palaiya mathuranthakan alias amara bujangan

    also see this scenario

    oomai rani returns to chola land.
    sees sundara sola married and happy ( with kids?)
    tries to commit suicide from light house at kodikarai
    saved by karuthiruman
    taken to butha thivu where he also deposits pandya king veera pandyan.

    > 3. Sendhan amudhan was replaced as one of the twins.
    > the Factual error is so much glaring.
    > Dear friends,
    > you may be aware that our dear VENKAT is holding a very special
    > position that HE is THE ONLY WHO HAS WRITTEN
    > regards / sps
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    > 2. Oomai rani @ Mandakini delivering twin girls

    twins - one boy and one girl

    girl - nandhini
    boy - madhuranathakan alias amarbhujanga
    boy replaced with senden amuthan alias uttama
  • Dear all,

    I see many are discussing a lot about Nandini, Sendan Amudan, Oomai Rani

    and many more.

    Now may I know whether the above mentioned characters are fictitious ?

    or real ones found in inscriptions?

    I dont think there are strong proofs for these characters in our history

    These are only the imaginary ones introduced by Amarar Kalki, isn't it?

    If I'm wrong, please clarify.
  • Hi,

    All the characters you mentioned were the creation of kalki. Please go
    through first 300 mails as suggested by our moderators, you will get good
    idea about PS characters. Also please search in our archives.
  • dear venkatesh
    there is one error in your statement sundara chola was brought back not after gandraditas death but after rajadityas death when even paranthaka was alive he was made crown prince because ganadradita was a widower without any children (he marries again only latter)and his own father was in deathbed


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