• Hi Guys,
    It has been a looong loongtime since I mailed u guys.
    although I wasn't mailing....I was thoroughly enjoyed reading the
    interesting facts posted by Gokul.Great work Gokul!!!

    enna sila naatkaLaaga thangaL minnanjalai kaaNavillai?...hope u wud start
    giving more info pretty soon!

    Hello Lakshmi!...where are the rest of the photos u had promised to upload;-
    )..(If ur 12th exam preparations are keeping u busy then there is
    no 'avasaram'...take ur own time)

    where are ur promised articles?...hope to see them soon!!!

    Last but not the least(Kadaisi vari'kku seekiram vera ethaavathu oru punch
    line kaNdu pidichu sollungappaa)I welcome all the new members!!!!

    keep mailing guys,

  • Hi

    I just stumbled on to this group as I was surfing the net....Its really nice to know that there are so many PS fanatics like me out there....I m really impressed considering that book was written well before our generation..

    it would be nice to keep personal responses outof the whole group...because I ve waded thru 264 messages in 2 hours time..

    Some of the responses were really impressive.especially gokul's

    The moderator could remove all the messages which are not relavent.

    Just a few clarifaications...

    The Image of Poonguzhali is actually of VINU's....Maniam did the original version...the second reprint or thr third was done by VINU..and the third had maniam's again and mainam selvam....

    Will try to chip in as and when possible..

  • Hello Guys,

    To introduce myself, i'm Jana, living in london. I Just finished P.S last week and was amazed by the work.. I found this e-group when i was trying to search for an online verison of PS, and was astonished to find the amount of work you guys have put on. With all seriousness, i would like to spend a few hours in a week atleast, towards this noble cause. I will be able to do tamil proof-reading or typing (english only, have a nice speed in this area ) as well. If you guys want me to do some specific searches on British Library or other related sources here, i should be able to do that as well. As this sort of work is totally new to me, i would be very thankful if u guys would be able to give me some specific tasks atleast in the beginning till i get accustomed.
  • To Laksmi:
    I wrote about the my views about PS (the events mentioned in PS and some occurances in the recent history) some time back....... I hope that you would have read that.

    To Vanathy:
    All ready lot of people have names of the characters mentioned in PS (including myself). I don't know whether there are any duplicates with the same names in this group..........

    My father got inspired by PS and he named me Vijayalayan, but, lot of people find it difficult to pronounce my name......... Even though I m proud of my name, rarely I m called as Vijayalayan.......... Vijay, Viji, Vijayan, Vijayaalan, Vichchu, Vichchaan, Lion, ....are some of the names by which I m called. hmmmmmmmmmmm...............

    To all:
    I hope that my "kusumbu" matter is over now.
    Summaa oru kallai erinthaal ivvalavu kalavaram vedikkum enru naan ninaikkavae illai.

  • Wish You and Your Family happy and prosperous new year 2005

  • Hi all,

    I think deep discussion is going on about religion.

    I would like to share my view.

    Religions were created when people din't know their correct way in society.

    Hindu dharma contains all good nature of any religions.

    It accept all good things gave by different religion

    U can say every religions had taken lot of things from hindu dharma and called it is of its own.

    We call untouchability created by only by men not by god.

    God descrimited charatecter not by birth.

    If you every body has the mixture of 4.

    Every man is behaving as different characters when need comes.

    When you are learning, teaching and following good ways u r called as brahmin

    When u r fighting against sin or urging to save some body u r kshatriyan

    when u r working under some body ( even IT person) Sudran

    When u sell some thing to get one u r Vaishyan

    So every body has all characters. So hindu dharma gave only characters not division. It was created by few people as they wanted to get benifit from kings by their knowledge.

    So hindu dhatma is better than any other religion.

    In hindu puranas each nayanmargal and yogi's did great works than any other religion creators so called christianity, islam, budhism and jain, confucianism.

    So there is no untouchability in hindu dharma.

    DK, MK and others wanted to get vote.

    MK called himself that he was the BC. and asked please BC people give him vote

    and himself told he is sambanthi of SC. So please SC people vote for him.

    You have to identify this type of people who divide people to have vote.

    Even JJ and other part people in tamil nadu uses caste politics only.

    Why each party is giving MLA MP seat to partcular religious or caste person only.

    Why we ourselves are giving vote like that.

    Unles we chage ourself blaming religion is not going to help.

    I will continue.

    bye for now

  • hi all,.

    If any body gets the kalki's novels like sivakamiyin sabatham or alai osai please send me the link.

    i have read only ponniyin selvan.
    I want to read all his novels.
    please help me.....

    Yahoo! India Matrimony: Find your life partneronline.
  • you can read all kalki's novels in www.chennainetwork.com
  • I am a newcomer to the group.

    I just completed reading ponniyin selvan.

  • Dear Krishnan,
    Welcome to P.S group
  • Thanks.

    I am still wading through all the posts. It is fascinating to read
    up on constructive ideas coming out of P.S fans.
  • Currently I am having a few problems with this e mail
    id and so i will sign out and re-sign with another

    i think you can recognise be my name....

    pudhu polivudan thirumbum varai
    vanakkam koori vidai peruvadhu

  • Hi All,
    I recently visited Krakow a city in Poland.
    They have some kind of rule to preserve the cultural heritage of structures made long back (World War II?).
    There are regulations what kind of paint to use in any new bulidings built nearby protected places. They dont allow any advertisement in such places. This is informed by my colleague working there.
    Do we have some rule in india?

    With regards
  • the only place in india with such an restriction is Jaipur where you are not allowed to paint anything other than pink as the historic city uses pink sandstone
  • Dear All

    I am S. S. Rajan, from Madurai but settled down in Hyderabad for the
    past few years. I am a electrical engineer working in a MNC
    presently away from India.

    recently i happened to come across a web site :www.sacred-texts.com.
    This site has intersting facts about world civilization, religions
    and various books, including translations from our own Ramayanam and

    On the civilization part, this site does not give prominence to our
    Indian civilization which is the oldest developed civilizations of
    the world. This really upset me considering the facts that we
    Indians were more civilized, more developed when most of the present
    day so called developped countries were not even in their most
    primitive stage.

    After going through the various sections of this web site I started
    searching in the net for facts about India especially Tamil history.
    Being basically from Madurai, I was and still is under the
    impression that Tamil is the oldest language in India (may be
    world?). On going through various web sites I found few of them
    quite interesting. LIke www.tamilnation.org; www.tamilelibrary.org
    which contains useful facts about our tamil language and heritage.
    During such searching, I stumbled in to www.varalaaru.com. The
    efforts the team is taking to bring to the world the details of our
    tamil culture is higly commendable.

    So I wanted to join this group to learn more about Tamil and to
    contribute wherever possible.

    I am sure I will be welcomed by you all.

    S. S. Rajan
  • Yes Mr Rajan, We all really have to appreciate the Varalaaru.com teams effort to bring out the HIstory of The ASIAN Tamils in a lovely and lively way.

  • hi friends msg me, who one like history like me, my id is
    [email protected]
  • hi guys,
    this is my first mail to this group...iam a great fan of kalki's writing...i have the one of the greatest and rarest collection of ponniyin selvan that came in kalki book...my uncle got the 50's version and i got the 98 version...it is beautiful to collect the book pages weekly and binding them..u guys can share ur exp with me...iam a s/w engineer jus t now joined...so guys plz stay in touch


    and thanks satish ..

  • Welcome to the group Hari. You would rarely see a more esoteric collection
    of people than in this group. People from all walks of life united by their
    love for not just one man's literary skills but also a genuine passion for
    the history of our people. There are some very knowledgeable people here on
    the history, customs, culture and tradition of our land and I hope that you
    can imbibe as much from them as the rest of us have. Also, this is a very
    free spirited bunch, so please do share with us your thoughts and ideas
    (even extremely controversial) and I can assure you that you will get a very
    patient hearing here without being mocked or vilified.

    All the best!

  • what is wonderful in readinf the bound serials published in weekly's
    of 30/40/50's. is the page that may come up alongwith the serial
    novel. Often they contain some interesting jokes, titbits, or the
    beginning/end of another artilce/story. We will never be able to get
    the continuty. Kaikku ettiyadu vai ettavillai. very sad. Still i
    prefer the bound volumes of old weeklys.

  • Hi
    when we look at the advertisements in the old books so many of those
    products are not there.

    a cosmetic product called 'snow' has literally vanished. I think now
    it must have manifested as cold cream.
  • Ponds "snow" ?:)

    Yeah a memory of our glorious socialist past!!

  • it is not Ponds. It must be imported Charmis (from Pond hoise anyway)
    for the rich and the local Himalayan for ordinary. Still older ads
    contained drawings of famous painters including Raja Ravivarma. They
    sculptors left.
  • "Snow" sounds so charming. I can imagine the quient
    pleasure consumers would have had, sply in the south
    to apply something that appeals to the mind as "snow".

    Sweet don't you think?
  • when i was a young girl , my mom used to use this SNOW. And we children were not allowed to use it.But still i remember the sweet smell of it.sweeter and softer than any other face cream of today.
  • Lovely description of Snow. Some things from our
    childhood lie encrusted in smells that are sweeter and
    softer than any face cream of today.
    It's this conditioning we have that makes us feel
    secure when we are exposed to something from our

    I wonder what Kundavai and Nandini in PS used for
    their picture perfect beauty:)
  • Hi All: Am a tad busy with work - will reappear in
    discussions by Feb.
  • Hi,

    Saw ur calendar, looks neat and good.. :)

  • hi

    i read both PS and Nandhipurathu nayagi which is the continuation of
    PS.. i want to know more about RajaRaja Cholan.. can anyone tell me
    which book will help me? i heard that GangapuriKavalan is about
    RajendraCholan... where can i get it? is it available?
  • Hi,

    I suggest you read Kaviriyin Maindhan, a book by Anusha Venkatesh. It
    is a good continuation of PS. You can get it from www.anyindian.com
  • vengaiyin mainthan deals with RJC

    kaveri mainthan starts with RRC but then slowly shifts excl to

    Udayar ( balakumaran) would be the one that talks more on rrc, but its
    style/story/dicition is diff and found it difficult to sustain reading.
  • Can any one kindly give me the link of download of Parthiban Kanavu
    film starring Gemini ganesan/vyjayanthimala. Need it as no film site
    is offering the download of the movie or it is offering the new movie.

  • Good day. I like NANDINI's character in Ponniyin Selvam. She is beautiful,smart and have a lovely smile with pain in heart. We already knew that oomai rani is her mother. But I am not clear about who is Nandini's father. I already ask my prof but they also not so clear about this. If someone help me on this I would be grateful.
  • I think it was Veerapandiyan.During oomai Rani's pregnency she was not in clear mind.Some unwanted matters has been taken place during that time. If anybody has clear idea, kindly discuss about this.

    Thank you.
  • Hi Lalita,

    If I am right, Sundara Cholan is the father of Nandhini.... Please correct me if my understanding is wrong....
  • another scenario to be examined- did kalki finish PS rather abruptly
    because he realised he had made a factual error in these charecters

    lets examine the time line

    scenario 1
    gandaraditya dies and the chola throne is without a heir
    sendan amudan must have been born when kandaritya was alive because
    he gets a "promise" from his wife sembian madevi.

    when the chola throne is without a heir sundara is brought back from
    putha thivu where he is living with oomai rani.

    he marries and becomes father of aaditya

    so sendan amudan was senior to even aaditya.

    in kaaruthirumans version the pandya king also lives with oomairani.
    and she delivers twins.
    here comes the catch.

    the twins were almost born on the same day as sendan amudan when the
    baby switching was made.

    so oomai rani must have met the pandyan mucgh earlier than sundara.
    this is where kalki was contradicting himself

  • Hi venketesh

    You have decided to raise complex issues and will not let the year end
    peacefully. Another scenerioo:

    1. If SA and the twins, Madhuranthakan and Nandini, are of the same age
    and elder to AK, then no wonder, Karikalan's friendship was discouraged,
    as Nandini was older to Karikalan.

    2. If Sundarar had married before and became a father he left for war
    (and got lost), it is possible that AK is elder to SA. It is not unusual
    for crown princes (Sundara chola was the first choice) to avoid break
    in lineage, especially if the prince chooses to risk his life in wars.
  • Hi,

    1. Sundara chozha got married only after he returned from bootha theevu.
    2. In arulmozhi's discussion with kunthavai, he mentiones that the twins
    were born two years after sundara chozhan returned from bootha theevu.
    3. When Manthahini's suicide attempt failed, karuthiruman took her to
    Thirumarikaadu (May be Vedaranyam) there aniruthar meet them and give some
    money to karuthiruman and ordered him to leave her in any of island near
    eelam. On the way he finds a man floating in the sea with the help of a
    wood. karuthiruman rescued that man and took him along.
    After reaching bootha theevu, that man send some olai to lankan king through
    karuthiruman and join him after few days. The man, lankan king &
    karuthiruman goes to rohana naadu and there they see the rathinaharam and
    pandiya kireedam......
    After the meet, that man (he is a Pandya king) give enough money to
    karuthiruman to take care of manthahini. Karuthiruman finds her at kodikarai
    and learned that she is pregnant.
  • > 2. In arulmozhi's discussion with kunthavai, he mentiones that the
    > were born two years after sundara chozhan returned from bootha

    there you are.
    ......then how come they shared a birthday with kandaraditya's son
    when sundara himself returned after kandaraditya's death?
  • 1.During the crisis at thanjai due to the death of athitha karikalan,
    aniruthar explains to mathuranthakan how the new born baby of sembiyan
    madhevi and manthahini was interchanged when kandarathitha was out of
    station. At that time sembiyan madhevi says that aniruthar know all the
    secrets *before 20 years*.
  • R V,

    Though we had this topic of factual errors by Kalki many times before, I was
    never convinced that he made an error in PS with most of the points you
    made, like - 1. Ommaiyen suddenly talking 2. Vandiyathevan in allmost all
    the part of the novel. But this SD, Bujakan, Nandini logic is quite clear
    that he made an error.

    I thought that Kalki was a god to give such a book like PS, now I see that
    he has a bit of human side.
  • Hi sivaram

    kalki was a genius- one whose mould was broken.
    we should examine how these mistakes cropped up

    kalki was writing this as a serial. the pressure of its popularity
    was building up. kalki was aware of its social impact.
    it was not like his other serials.
    writing once a week definitely denied him the opportunity of going
    back and editing. he was commiting himself in the press

    als during most of PS writing kalki was getting progressively sick.
    he outlasted PS by some 5-6 months only.


    > Though we had this topic of factual errors by Kalki many times
    before, I was
    > never convinced that he made an error in PS with most of the
    points you
    > made, like - 1. Ommaiyen suddenly talking 2. Vandiyathevan in
    allmost all
    > the part of the novel. But this SD, Bujakan, Nandini logic is quite
    > that he made an error.
    > I thought that Kalki was a god to give such a book like PS, now I
    see that
    > he has a bit of human side.
    > regards,
    > Siva.

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