Chakra Vyuham - historical novel
  • Dear Members,

    Tempted by the greatness of Kalki's writings and inspired by the
    guild of authors in our group, I am attempting to capture the 'fall
    of later Pandyas and rise of Vijayanagar' in a historical novel
    series titled 'Chakra Vyuham' in my blog

    The novel series is being labelled and collected under the
    title 'Chakra Vyuham' in my blog.

    The link is given below.


    I request our learned members to comment on the content and form of
    the novel series.
  • So another Venkatesh and another author in our group... Good.

    Congrats Venkatesh and all the best.
    Will read at leisure...
  • Dear Satish,

    Thank you very much.

    I should also mention that being part of such group gave me lot of
    inputs in developing the plot and novel.

    Special thanks to PS Group, for bringing out an author in me ;-)
  • wow - Another Writer.. !

    most welcome and very best wishes,

    will read and opine.

    regards/ sps
  • Dear SPS,

    Thanks for your wishes.

    Your inputs will definitely refine my writings.

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