samayapuram Poysaleswarar Temple
  • When I was in Samayapuram I happened to visit the Burial place of
    Bella the III. This place is called Pillaiyar Koil, Akkaraipatti, Kariya Manikkam Road. Trichy. Bellala III was killed by Mohammedans On Sep 8, 1342 Purattasi Sukla Patcha Ashtami. Purattasi 10. when he was 80.
    The Kannanor Palace was behind the present Poysaleeswarar Temple at Samayapuram.
    This is the place where Otta kuther had sung MOOVARULA. and in KOOTHANOOR, Otta kuther sung Sarasvathi Anthathi.
    Some five months before an inscription was recovered by The Museum people which is now in Trichy Museum which was dated back to 13 th Century.
    Further there are two inscriptions on Kalige parai and Pachhenam Parai on a Stone which till date didn't attract any people. I managed to visit that place with a help of an Auto driver by name Mani, who took me there.
    This was of Vira Pandya who says about the treasure that he smuggled in to the Jungle.
    This is place where the history students should visit after reading my thesis paper.

    Dear friends, Iwish the thesis paper should be brought in to a book which will tell untold story of Samayapuram.
  • Ouah! I am native of Tiruchy. i never knew about this!

    This weekend, i will try to visit this place and try to take some pics.

    Thanks Ramachandran!
  • Further you can discuss with Mr.Raj Mohan a Retrd curator of Trichy Musium 9486545641and ask him where you can see the inscription with an elephent found in Kaver bank.
    Cell no Auto mani in Samayapuram 9841133862
    tell him that you want to go there and he will take you there. Before going there or after visiting that place, I want you to read my thesis paper so that you can follow.

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