Wikipedia Link - Kuzhagar temple
  • Hi,
    I got this mail from my brother as forwarded.Link about kuzhagar temple comes in PS.

  • Super link Saathmeeka.

    anbudan / sps
  • Hi,

    Its a good link... I was actually confused by the name Thirukkoodi.... actually the place where it is located is 'Kodikarai' near Vedaranyam...

    Hope already people from PS group would have visited the temple as I had seen some tour pics of Chozha's lighthouse and others in the group earlier. The location and the geography of the place is as such described by Great Amar Kalki...

    Also there is a canal which goes along the way of Nagapattinam Road (when anyone travel from Vedarnyam to Nagapattinam through bus, they can see it, up to some point)... Hope this was the canal which is described in PS where Arul Mozhi Varman is transported from Kodikkari to Nagapattinam via a boat...


  • Hi

    the route is vedaranyam( thiru maraikadu) akaththiyan palli, and
    all these three are thevara shrines.
    kodikarai or point calimere is very close to srilanka and full of
    shallow seas in between.

    the temple is small and the gurukal's house is nearby.
    you have to cross some forest area inbetween. there is a small
    hillock on the right of the road with foot imprints of rama.
    kodikarai is famous for its flamingo resort.
    the remains of the light house after the tsunami is accesible by
    vehicle only when the swamps are dry. i think you need to walk

    the temple remains exactly as sundara lamented 1200 years back.
    desolate and alone in the forest.
  • Dear Sivakumar,

    when I went there first time (about 15 years back), the temple was
    kept locked.. stayed till evening.. the Gurukkal came nearby.. got
    some rice from Madappalli !

    just to relive that experience !

    And you are right about that Canal too..

    similar one you can see South of Thanjai - Kudanthai bus route ..
    branching out from Arisalaru (west of Thiruvalanchuzi)... farther
    west is Nallur.!

    If one takes this canal, he can come closer to NANDHIPURATHU

    Kalki has done his home work related geography (also) very well !

  • Hi,
    My small request...
    This wikipedia kuzhgar temple page is in tamil.Why can't anybody translate in to english...
    When i forwaded it to my frineds,somebody cannot read it,ofcourse they are very interseted in kuzhagar temple information and PS.
  • Me too. English also, please.

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