Pazhayanur (Tiruttani Taluk)
  • i came across this on the net, anyone can add to this legend??

    Pazhayanaur, a village as ancient and as good a sacred place as
    Thiruvalangad, is situated at a distance of about 1.5 kilometres from
    Thiruvalangadu village. The contribution of Pazhayanur to the great
    tradition and glory of Tamils is unique. It was here that seventy
    Tamil Vellalars together sacrificed their lives to uphold a spoken
    work of honour. The opinion of the scholars is that nowhere could they
    come across such a unique incident involving the sacrifice of so many
    lives at an appointed hour. The details of this incident are as
    described below :
    Once a murder, who killed his wife, reached pazhayanur in the evening
    of a particular day, closely followed by the spirit of the murdered
    wife (named Neeli). It is said that the ghost assumed the form of a
    woman with a child and waited for an opportune moment to seek revenge.
    This ghost made an appeal to the people of Pazhayanur to prevent the
    traveler, her husband, from deserting her. Protesting strongly against
    this, the man tried to convince that the woman was nothing but a
    ghost. Not convinced by his plea, the 70 people prevailed upon the
    traveler, ordered him to stay overnight with the woman, who claimed to
    his his wife. When the traveler protested this on the ground that he
    might be harmed by the woman, they pledged the word of honour that all
    of them would lay down their lives if, by change, any harm should
    befall him in the night by his wife. But, the next morning to their
    utter shock, they could find only the dead body of the man murdered in
    revenge, by the woman who made good her escape by then. There was of
    course none to insist to keep their pledge, yet, the 69 of the 70
    Vellalars undoubtedly thought that they had erred. To make the error
    in judgement, the 69 Vellalars of Pazhayanur lit fire and sacrificed
    their lives plunging into it. The other Vellala who was away in his
    field work in the early hours of the morning, when learnt this
    incident, killed himself at once with the plough shard. The Chera, the
    Cola and the Pandya, the great Tamil Kings, who, on hearing this
    incident and the sacrificial fire was still burning without dying
    visited Pazhayanur to pay homage to the noble martyrs of truth and
    The early Tamil literature has reference to this incident. Devaram of
    Thirugnansambandar, of the 7th Century A.D., and Sekkizhar's
    Thiruthondar Puranam popularly known as Periapuranam, carry references
    to this incident. We have to hear in mind that Sekkizhar, who was the
    Prime Minister of Kulothunga Chola-II (A.D. 1137- 1150) wrote his
    monumental work after consulting official documents and making
    exhaustive reference to other records, practice and tradition. The
    great Saiva scholar Umapathy Sivachariar (A.D. 1313) also refers to
    this incident in his Sekkizhar Puranam.
  • I think this is well documented in all texts about thiruvalangadu

    thiruvalangadu always is linked with ghosts i guess.

  • Is that because of this ghost story about the wife Neeli... people still use the phrase 'Neeli kanneer vadikathe'... (meaning false tears... which according the given story, the ghostly wife might have shedded to convice the 70 people...)
    Just a hunch!
  • Yes. Very much...Neeli Kanneer is a phrase that came out of this story.
    Earlier i thought it was a folklore. But during the earlier
    discussions, which SPS posted, I came to know its history....
    Lots of info from this group...
  • pazhynoor neeli story is mentioned in sujathas kariyallam senbaga poo but the novel is not about neeli murder of one of the charecters takes place on the night of villupattu about neeli


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  • I havereported our REACH's heritage trip to Thiruvalankadu, Pazhayanur in
    this blog, where the neeli story is dealt elaborately.

    Any takers for renovation of the Pazhayanur temple? [SPS sir solradhu
    kadhula vizhudhu- Chandra, vidakkandan,kodakkandan :) ]

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