Chennai Meet
  • Perhaps we shall discuss the 'life and times of kalki' with lesser
    emphasis on ponniyin selvan

    thats because there is so much to him other than PS
    sathish since kalki was the official translator of gandhi's
    autobiography it must be apt.

  • Madan, due apologies though I prefer Kovai anyday to humid crowded
    Chennai. Although avenues for culture and art are much limited in
    Kovai people seem to take time to live :)

    One of the things I like and miss about Chennai is madras bashai ,
    really that would make for a great discussion if there has not been
    one. How much of Madras bashai is really genuine or in use? Kamal,
    Nagesh, Cho, Chandrababu, Manorama long list of veterans who are
    experts at talking but is that the way it is really spoken? Perhaps
    veteran chennai vaasis can explain?

  • Well, IMHO, madras bashai is still in use - without the feel of ridcule
    thats usually associated with it. Its as much like the brahmin bashai - you
    only get to hear if you are in certain circles - else, you might live your
    whole life not hearing brahmin bashai at all - similarly, madras bashai you
    will get to hear if you are in certain neighbourhoods... For example, I
    hardly hear it living in TNAgar.... in Nanganallur, I have heard it in some
    area (especially ullagaram, closer to madipakkam)...

    But overall, I think it is in vogue. My feeling about madras bashai is that
    it is tamil+english simplified for speech.
  • The only place where you can here both the"Madras Bhashai" and "Brahmin Bhashai" is undoubtedly the one and only ThiruvallikkeNi.

    Yenga area special pa............
  • In fact 3 types of Bhashais are prevalent in Thiruvallikkeni. "Madras" "Brahmin" & "Urdu". Truly Multi-cultural
  • Venkat, Madras a telugu town?? Wow that is news to me. FYI Kovai is a
    huge telugu town, I mean absolutely huge, you can survive in Kovai
    without knowing any tamil at all. Do general public understand telugu
    liberally, in Chennai?

    Yes absolutely on Brahmin bashai being in vogue in magazines of olden
    days. Even jokes were in brahmin bashai only in AV and Kalki. And of
    course Gopulu drew every woman in brahmin attire regardless of
    whether the novel was made up of brahmins or not. Most writers like
    Lakshmi subtly used Brahminism without making the characters
    explicitly brahmin.

  • yes and areas like t nagar were wholly telugu.
    even in mint area many of the marwari areas have telugu style houses.

    why then did andra ask for madras.
    potti sriramulu fasted till death for madras to be added to the new
    state of andra

  • Dear SPS sir,

    FYI today(02-10-08) evening we (myself, venketesh,chandra,sivaram kannan,
    madan&orissa balu) met in marina beach.
  • Dear Venkat
    Ai am not sure if he used brahmin lingo in PS but you can definitely see it in his social novels
  • Well, I missed it for the "Golu Sundal Collection Spree" of my wife and mother for which I was the escort .

    Venket Sir,
    I told you that I will try to make it by 5.30 PM, but by the time we reached home it was well beyond 6 and hence had to opt out.

    So what did you all discuss about.
  • > Well, I missed it for the "Golu Sundal Collection Spree" of my wife
    and mother for which I was the escort .

    Did you read about the excort services during singapore F1 grand prix !!

    > I told you that I will try to make it by 5.30 PM, but by the time we
    reached home it was well beyond 6 and hence had to opt out.
    > So what did you all discuss about.

    Ponniyin selvan varalaatru peravai vision 2010 !!!
  • Dear Vijay,

    I havent read it. DidI miss something interesting there? Nevertheless this escorting was very thankless asthere was literally no Sundal in any house where we went. All ladies items only.

    Paavam paaa.... naan..... (Cha.... Polamba aarambichutten). Beachukku poyirundhaa... ozhunga naan, I repeat, naan, molagaa bajjiyaavadhu saatrukkalaam. Ellaam PrarabdhaKarma.

    Ladies.... No offense meant please........
  • Romba polambinaa, ippadithaan aagum. See,I missed the important line in Vijay's mail.

    Can you pleaseshare the Vision 2010 of PSVP. Would have been more interesting..... I missed it.
  • I have lots of memories around parents were deeply
    religious and when my grandparents were alive it was truly done in
    the manner intended to , we had a steel shelf which served as a shelf
    in regular days and converted into sliding series of 9 padis for
    kolu. When vadhyar came and left after the great Mahalaya Amavasya
    Tarpana (actually that is one of the few days when we looked forward
    to vadhyar's visit, to kick off 9 days of excitement!!) the great and
    exciting event of unwrapping the dolls from the attic, for us girls
    the smell of old newspaper and meeting our doll friends from one year
    from their sojourn in the attic was something to look forward to, as
    each doll was begun to be unwrapped there would be excited 'oh's and
    a'hs and grandparents relating the story behind how that doll came
    into the family, typically some stories went back 3 generations, once
    we even found hindu newspaper dated 1947 in which a doll was wrapped!
    Then it would a whole day ritual to arrange them on the shelves each
    person vying with another on their opinion.

    The last shelf was the 'creative' one, where we kids could do what we
    liked, typically grow some seeds for small fields, set up shop with
    chettiar bommai and small vessels of rice and spices, and a real town
    with trains and buses and so on. After we had our fill the yellow
    coconut kumbam with mango leaves and decorated pithalai sombu would
    take its place of honor.

    Every day would begin with my grandmother's voice rendering
    Kamalambaam Bhajare in a different raaga, mornings were usually
    payasam and archana to Devi with kumkum. Evenings were the social
    events, when we girls were dressed up in our silks, hair adorned with
    flowers/rakkodi (do girls know what that is now!!?) and given kumkum
    to visit and invite other mamis. We had our choice of homes despite
    what we were told - a mami who cooks well/makes good sundal is
    definitely first choice, mamis who force us to sing before offering
    anything were skipped if we could, mamis who gave coconuts and blouse
    pieces were for the older generation and so on. It would be almost 10
    pm when we got home with our stomach full of sundal, grandmothers
    would be ready with curd rice seasoned with asafoedita to get rid of
    gastric upsets caused by too much sundal, then our braids would be
    loosened and flowers/decorations removed and off to bed.

    After saraswati pooja there would be much sentiment and sometimes
    even tears while dolls were packed and sent back to their attic homes
    until next year.

    It sounds like another time, another age now. Children nowadays know
    Barbie better than navarathri dolls made so creatively in their own
    land. Nobody has time for creative festivity any more, our lives are
    occupied in the mad rush for survival. Why blame any one else, am
    looking at how Dow Jones is doing now after the 600$ bailout and what
    that means for me, my job, etc. These treasured memories are all we
    have and atleast share with one another, even if we cannot pass them
    on to our children.

  • Check out this blog of Mrs. Lakshmi Sharath displaying her golu
  • Thanks Vijay, heart warming to note that some people still remember
    honor the kolu. The doll collection in my house is 3 big steel trunks
    (the old fashioned trunks) full most of it extremely well preserved.
    There are dolls from all parts of india, from mysore maharaja's
    collection (my great grandfather worked for Mysore Palace), from Pune
    which used to be very famous for reused paper art work, wooden dolls
    from Orissa, and of course lots of them bought right outside our
    beloved Kapali temple during Navaratri. They are not garishly colored
    like dolls ofm modern times, very subtle coloring, beautiful face
    gestures and clothing. I often wonder what we would do with them - they
    have not left their suitcase abode after my mother passed away 5 years

    It is my dream someday to revive the ritual in all its glory. Only God
  • Vijay,
      Thanks for sharing this.
  • -
    Very nicely summed up.

    regards/ sps
  • Hi
    Check out my Kolu (last year's) from the following link. I had set up our festivals from Jan to mini scale. This year I've done only a small kolu (just 7 dolls) 'cos I've some travelling to do.
  • Shoba, very nice!! I really liked your Ganesha collection :)

  • Thank you SPS and all. I will post some pics of Kolu of those days
    when I get time to scan the pictures. We even have some pics of the
    kolu outside Kapali temple (actually it is a sale set up as Kolu).
  • Hi Malathi,
    Yes rakkodi is still around even these days.
  • what a lovely life style , but all these happening are in the past onlynow.
    we missed lot and gave the high price for our new form of life.
  • Taken the hint dear Venkatesh.

    Ravi is in Chennai this week.

    We will plan a meeting after speaking to him.

    will mail.

    regards / sps
  • Hi

    since SPS is out of town( and many members like sivaram will take advantage of the long weekend) we need to reconsider the may first meeting.
  • Adhu thaane parthen ... Naane oru meeting attend pannalam-nu irundhen ...
    Anyways Its a long weekend and everyone will be having his / her own plan

    ~ Udanx
  • Shall we plan for another day in May?

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