Chennai Meet
  • Chennai folks....wake up..

    Its more than 6-7 months since we had a meeting...this weekend being a
    long one (monday holiday due to bandh and tues oct 2nd)...can we plan
    for a Gandhi beach meeting?

    Monday, bandh till 6PM. What about 6.30PM? it will be less crowded and
    we have have nice time. Or around 5.30PM on Oct 2nd. Can pay our
    tribute to the Mahatma and proceed with our meeting.

    Satish, Venkatesh, Sivaram, SPS, Sriram, Chandra,
    Muruganandam.....hope this list is confirmed (bayangara 'take it for
    granted' illa?)...what about others? Is Madan around? Any new comers?
  • I am out of town on Monday, this is a long weekend. If it could be planned
    week I would be very happy :).
  • yes, will meet, its long time i haven't eat grand sweets
  • monday or tuesday

    sathish you decide and announce today.

    most of our techies are not available on sat- sunday on the computer

  • Shankara,

    ithukkuthan meeting nadakum bothu missed the last
    two meetings and the things have changed. unna mathiri alungalukku
    Grand Sweets vangi kuduthu SPS-ukku kattupadi agalayam. So these days
    no grand sweets...only other shop murukkus and thatai's..but our
    official drink still remains the same...


    Siva said he is not didnt strike me that people from far
    off places might go to their native. Lets wait for peoples
    confirmation till tomorrow morning and then decide. if nearly 7+ can
    meet, then we will go ahead, else will push to next weekend.

    Friends, Please confirm soon.
  • or do you want to go on a one day trip?

  • this is brilliant. I was thinking of this, or atleast to make a
    personal trip to someplace on Saturday/sunday.

    Why dont we make a trip on Saturday? This time we can target the
    north madras side. There are quite a few thevara stalams over there.
    Any other alternative is also ok.

    Any takers?
  • Not fair ... Not at all fair ...

    Thought of joining the Madras get together also ...

    Ivvalo short notice-la arrange paninna yeppadi. Naanga yellam Grand Sweets
    item saapda koodadha?

    Anyways All the very best.

    ~ Udanx
  • >
    > Dear Satish,
    > I may not be in chennai. will confirm again.
    > Pls consider Udanx request.
    > Can we club a meet with Bangloreans?
    > But I agree it is time we all meet.
    > sps

    How can an event happen without a sponsor?
    Just kidding SPS..

    SPS, Siva not available...if not happening I might also consider
    alternative plans (enna vera engayavathu sutha than).

    So can we take some time and plan...
    what about a meeting next weekend? if new members can attend and get
    comfy with the group, we can plan for a days trip the following

    Majority's availability will be given preference.

    Members Please respond. Ideas are also welcome.
  • Hi sathish
    next trip must be to thiruvallur side

    start with breakfast at motel highway. thiru mazhisai, thiruvallur(
    thiru evvalur?), thiru venpakkam, thiru pachur, thiru valangadu.

    all temples with great history. but then we need sps to guide us on
    these temples.( you can guide us in motel highway!!)

    think about it

  • I can come for a meeting this week and for a travel
    next week. No travels this week end!
  • I vote for next week meet. If I may suggest, you could plan for
    a trip this weekend and may be we can meet next weekend (though
    it sounds like a over kill to me).

    Have a nice time guys.
  • ayyayayayayaooooooooo.....unga rendu peru (Venkat and SPS) alambal
    thangala...both of you try to be too humble before each other.

    I feel both SPS and Venkat are right in their own sense. Thevara
    stalams, Venkat has info on figer tips, along with related stories,
    myths, history. All temples history related information SPS has in
    his finger tips.

    So both your presence will benefit us always.

    Due to popular demand (???) lets call of this weeks meet/trip and
    plan for the coming weeks. 6th Oct, saturday, might be working day
    for compensating 1st leave for many (atleast for me, we are
    working). But a meeting around 6.30 can be possible, but sunday 7th
    can be also thought off.

    Whichever date is convinient to all, we can meet and during meeting
    can pln for the trip.
  • Even I have office next saturday, but 6.30 I will be able to make it.
  • Hi chennai members

    why dont we meet over the weekend.
    or on gandhi jayanthi.
    golu, sundal, pondra excuses thavirkavum.
    sps october 2 eppadi?
    we will have to decide today and tomorrow.
  • Dear Sir,

    Oct' 02 will be better, because weekends I will be in Thanjai...

    I am ready on 02-10-2008.

    Please find some location with historical importance.
  • Dear Venkat,

    I am returning on the 3rd oct morning only.

    regards. sps
  • HI Sps

    weekend i think many will leave as a long holiday is coming

    vk, nadarajan, sivaram, chandra what do you all say.

  • Yes, I am game. We can meet on Oct 2nd.
  • I am okay for either of the dates. Just let me know.
  • Anyday, fine with me. Count me in!
  • Hi Sivaram

    can you take over.
    list those coming for october 2.
    we could meet in marina or any other venue okay

    i also wish we could have a theme meeting.
    decide what we are going to discuss.
  • Sure, I think first let us find out, how many people are interested in
    a meeting. can everyone interested in a meeting reply to the mail
    with their preference of date (2nd Oct, or this weekend) to make a
    head count.
  • Sivaram,

    Count me in if the condition is true for the following

    Date 02-10-2008
    Time: Evening

    ~ Udanx
  • Cool. As of now,

    1. RV,
    2. Udanx,
    3. Madan,
    4. Myself,

    Let us see, how many respond until morrow morning. We will decide upon
    the meet point and theme after that.
  • vinjamoor venkatesh too
  • VenketSir,

    Thank you. Yes, please count me in, whichever date or time.
  • Week days - a big "no no" for me.
    Week ends - OK - after 5PM!
    Lets plan when SPS is around!
  • Lets meet when SPS is around! May be Oct 11 should be OK.
  • Dear 2/10/08 ok, where is the meeting to be held? kalki office ?? kindly consider. malathy madam may help.
    dr kailasam
  • they perhaps wont let you in

    kalki magazine has changed from the days of kalki
    namma usual place.

  • Shall we fix on 4th evening then?? Since SPS and VK would be able to
    join only on weekends.
    Sorry Udanx.

  • Hi
    Not even sps can predict his programme on a weekend.
    i think we should go for 0ct 2nd. since navarathi may affect a lot of
    people'd plans

    venketesh--- In [email protected], "Sivaram
  • Naan attend panna koodadhu-nu thalaila yezhudi irukku pola? I planned for
    the Mallai trip and I developed severe bak pain a day before the trip and
    now 2nd October meet "Kaikku Yettinadhu Vaaikku Yettalai"

    ~ Udanx
  • Sivaram,

    I just sent out a mail regarding Prof Swaminathan's program on 4th October evening. So please plan our meeting accordingly. In fact a meet after the program would be great. So that all of us who are prepared to meet can also attend that function. This is just my suggestion. Of course, we may have to move to a different location other than the venue, as they may not permit us to meet there.

    Just give a thought to this. Otherwise, 2nd October would be a good choice, but SPS Sir is not available. So request you to plan considering the best possible and viable date.
  • I may not be able to join on Oct 2 ( as I promised to take my family out for a movie ) Please go ahead as per your plan.
  • Dear Sri Kailasam, I have no contact with Kalki, if you mean me that

    thank you,

  • sivaram

    5 pm oct 2 marina beach okay?

  • Yes sir. Will be there.

  • Sure,

    Will be there. Where in Marina Beach? I hope you have a standard location...
  • > >
    > >
    > >
    > > Will be there. Where in Marina Beach? I hope you have a standard
    > > location...

    normally we meet just behind gandhi statue and madan leads us to the
    molaga bajji area.

    my phone number is 94442 05292. call me when you reach there.
  • I am one of the silent members of the group just wanted to know if any one is from coimbatore


    Add more friends to your messenger and enjoy! Go to
  • Hello Shyam, I was raised in Kovai, although do not live there now.
    There are three more Kovai ites, all ladies though - Anandhi, Shanthi
    and Shoba who now lives there.

  • am from Kovai too, but hardly remember anything of the place... came to
    chennai in 94 and have never gone back since... :/
  • > normally we meet just behind gandhi statue and madan leads us to the
    > molaga bajji area.
    > my phone number is 94442 05292. call me when you reach there.
    > regards
    > venketesh


    You have an awesome memory. I totally forgot about molaga
    bajji...intha sankaran kooda sendhu sendhu, only Bovanto and Grand
    Snacks than nyabagam varudhu. And in the heavy traffic on the beach
    road, SPS used to park his vehicle right opposite to Gandhi Statue and
    unload the package. :)

    For others benefit, Madan is a professional bargainer. molaga bajji
    kadaila bargain panni OC bajji vanguvanna pathukongalen. :)
  • I am yet to hear from muruganandam and nadarajan srinivasan. and
    satheesh kumar.

  • Dear Sir,

    I will attend without fail...
    But still you have not proposed a theme for the meet!

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