PS group members meet in Bangalore?
  • Dear All,
    Just wondering about how many PS members were here in Bangalore and if we
    could all have a meeting.. and since we are all also most likely history
    buffs, if we can't have a tour somewhere around here in Karnataka.. after
    all history is everywhere :)
  • Hi Arun,

    Nice initiative. Please note down my number 99 00 222 44 7.

    Call me anytime.


  • Hi Shri,
    wonderful! Will give you a call next week. My number is 90 08 330 04 2 :p
  • I am in Bangalore second and third week of October for a real short
    visit. No time for historical trips but would like to meet you all
    for coffee somewhere if possible, would be nice!!

    Historical sites, do check out Belur and Halebid, the sculptures are
    among the best in India!! It is a good drive from Bangalore,not a one
    day trip.
  • well why don't we try to meet up then. Any other Bangalore PSers out there?
  • JP Chandrababu paadina pattu dhaan gnabagathukku varudhu
    Sirippu varudhu sirippu varudhu,
    I started one such initiative when I was in Bangalore. I was there for 15
    months. Not even once we met even for a cup of coffee.

    Anyways ALL THE VERY BEST!

    ~ Udanx
  • Thanks Udanx for the heads up but I am not easily discouraged ;)

  • Hi All,

    Kaalai vankkam.

    Please do let me also know if any such trip/meet is planned.

    Have a cheerful day!! :)
  • Arun and Shri, let me know which location is most convenient for you
    all. I am going to be shopping in the MG Road area so any coffee
    place there is fine - or my home is in Jayanagar so anywhere in
    vicinity of Jayanagar 4th block is fine too. By fine I mean easy.

    Let me know your preferences.

  • Is the date decided for the meet?
  • Date not decided.. but I would prefer somewhere in the vicinity of MG road..
    since I live up north near Yelahanka :)
  • ok...i hope the date will not be on either 2nd or 9th of both days i have to come to office.. :(
  • Malathy said she would be here in the 2nd and 3rd week of October.. so we
    can do it then... maybe 18th or 19th of October? (Saturday or Sunday).

  • Hmm...that will be gud...
  • Hi Arun & Malathi,

    I live near Forum, ie Koramangala. M.G.Road would be fine for me too!

    But shall we meet for the lunch? :)

  • HI Shri,
    Lunch would be fine... but let's make it a Sunday then. Saturday is a crazy
  • which sunday that would be? because im going to Tiruchy this weekend.

  • I am not there saturday/sunday, am coming in one weekend, then in
    chennai the next weekend and leaving the next.Only weekdays, would
    that be too hard?
  • THat would be the Sunday, 20th Oct. (Of course we still haven't heard from
  • Hey Arun, my response is right below yours :) weekends don't work for
    me unfortunately (am there just one weekend and am booked every
    minute that sat/sun). Is it possible to meet evenings or lunch, am
    really sorry !!
  • The problem is for me to even get in to MG Road on a weekday evening will be
    very tough. Traffic is mad at that time of the day. hmmmm let me think about
    it. What about you Shri?
  • We can try somewhere less about Indiranagar or somewhere
    closer to where you are, and if others agree?
  • Anywhere down south is a no-no for me :) My office is near the Hebbal
    flyover.. how about somewhere in the Le Meridian vicinity?

  • Anywhere down south is a no-no for me :) My office is near the Hebbal flyover.. how about somewhere in the Le Meridian vicinity?

  • Hi friends,

    I'm also in bangalore only.

    Pls fix date ASAP.

    Wherever the place, I will come.
    Yours ever Lovingly
  • ok. everything is fine.

    I would be better if we could share our phone numbers. It will be easy to reach our Bng memebers :)

  • It is really after a long time, I got my chance to go through the
    messages ending with the one from Mr. Venkatesh about
    a meet in Chennai in May 2009. Did the meet take place or is it
    postponed further.

    Because, I may be in Chennai from the 1st of June and in case it is
    postponed to June and is happening in the first fortnight, I would like
    to cancel other work and attend this meet.

    Someone Kindly reply me to my email address [email protected] (I am
    right now in Singapore).

    Thanks in advance.

    N. Sundaram
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