most warlike of kalki's heroes.
  • hi
    kalki by himself though a freedom fighter was a very gentle man.
    the exact personification of hios charecter is in the ' saving the
    sparrow fledgelings from the flood " episode.
    in Ps there arent many fight sequences.even the wars come in
    if i am not mistaken the only case of violence comes when
    vandiyathevan and rrc fight it out with swords.
    in comparision narasimha pallava or vikraman of parthiban kanavu did
    justice to their clans.

    could we discuss the war and fight scenes kalki described in these
    three books?

  • > could we discuss the war and fight scenes kalki described in these
    > three books?
    > venketesh
    Hi venkatesh

    Parthiban kanavu - the dialogue he has with the the poli saamiyaar.
    even though kalki did not describe the actual war, he brought out the
    valour in just that one dialogue.

    in PS - when VT is first inside tanjore, as he waits to meet sundara
    cholar - he is left inside the painting room, filled with portraits of
    all the great warriors - has some lovely lines on bravery at the
    battle front
  • Hi
    even a lifelike description of vijayalayas fight in pS

    in parthiban kanavu a description of the battle field after the chola
    pallava war. i got memories of it watching 'asoka'

  • It was a mock fight bet VD and RRC, at least there was no violence. But
    the fight between Ravidasan, assisted by VD and the Ara pirates in the
    ship is a real one; all the pirates are killed.
    All the sailors and the 'kalapati' were killed on the land by the arabs.

    These fights happen in the story time.
  • Hello Mr.Venkatesh;
    Ive always maintained that the introduction seen of RRC, with himself and VT
    on horseback, is a superbly written one.
    Its definitely not war and definitely not a full fledged fight but truly
    stunning neverthless.
    If ever PS comes on silver screen, hope they do justice to this scene. Far
    better than any of today's "hero's" intro scenes. A TRUE hero introduction

  • Hi

    thats a violent scene.
    and yet when we take a list of those who die in PS it must be less
    than 20?
    in SS it must be a hundred thousand and in Parthiban kanavu a few
    thousands( the ebntire chola army)

  • With respect to Kalki's writing on fight/war, i like one from SS. When
    Mahendra meets Paranjothi for the first time to intercept a olai, he
    fights with couple of guys. He even kills a man from behind when the
    enemy was trying to escape. that is one pretty impressive scene.
  • Hi,
    Similar brutal scene comes in SS first part, where Mahendra as Veerabagu encoutners 6-8 chalukya people near Ajanta/ellora ... Paranjothi also kills a couple of them I hope!

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