Why Tamil is a classical Language ? - George L Hart
  • I have updated my blog with Prof.George L Hart's letter titled 'Statement
    on the Status of Tamil as a Classical Language' to Union Government of
    India. Though this is a repost in this group , it is worth to give a read
    again for those who have read it before and must read for people who haven't had a chance.


  • Prof. Hart's letter was printed in almost all the newspapers when the
    issue of accord of 'classical language' status to Tamil was hotly
    debated. Some guidelines were proposed by the government and the TN
    government declared it as 'semmozhi'. The issue was quietly pushed to
    the background when other languages started similar claims and started
    comparing the merits of "their's" over "other's".

    My doubts:

    1.Who decides whether a language can be called 'classical'?
    2. Who confers the title?
    3. What are the advantages gained with the accreditation?

    Possible benefits:
    1. More funds allocated to the preservation and protection of the
    language, publish books, establish departments and chairs in colleges
    and universities.

    In most of the american and european universities, 'Indology'
    departments are being closed due to lack of funds and students. Many
    philanthrophic organizations have withdrawn from funding the indology
    chairs. Many hindu forums have welcomed this trend, as these indology
    departments are manged by a coterie of linguists and historians with a
    strong anti hindu bias.

    Back to the old topic; who will give the 'classical language' status to
    Tamil? United Nations?

    There is no doubt that Tamil is a very ancient, rich and living
    language and culture.

  • It is Union government of India....
    And Tamil had been awarded the status as a classical language.
    When a Language is made a classical Language then studies on that
    language would be taken up by major universities.
    Tamil studies in America is really high esp. after A.K.Ramanujan ,
    German also has many research going on I guess.
    Its like Greek and Latin are studied in many universities because they
    are classical Languages.
  • Then it will not get international recognition; this issue was also
    discussed during that period; The TN govt. was keen to gian some
    recognition for tamil. I think the Indian govt. has done nothing after
    this and taken the issue to UN or other international bodies. India govt
    is also quiet because, there are demands from othe language groups. It
    cannot make claim for about 20 languages.

  • thanks for the link

    தமிழின் மேன்மை அதன் தொன்மையில் இல்லை - தொடர்ச்சியில் உள்ளது.

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