SS-Munnam aval Naamam....
  • Hi,
    In Sivagamiyin Sabatham, i read below thevaram song from Appar.
    "Munnam aval Naamam..."
    But i dont where it is come in Thevaram.
    I serached in thirumurai series..But I cannot find that.
    Pls can any of u help to me find and also i want the meaning of that songs.Please....
  • Munnam aval Naamam..."
    It is a thiruthandagam in 6th thirumurai  sung by Appar. 
    Talam :  Tiruvarur.

    Tiruvarur thalam has the highest number of devaram. Appar has sung 21 padigam, Sambandar 3 padigam, Sundarar 8 padigam.

    Check this link for meaning and more details. You may have to copy and paste the address on your browser.

    This site is very good. It allows you to search padigams based on words, place, etc.


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  • OUAAAAHHHHHHH......its an amazing site!! in All Languages!!!

    ha ha...i will send this to all my friends throughout the world!!

    p.s: are you in Bng? give me your number. im near Forum only...

  • Pirakka mukthi thiruvaarur

    thiruvaarur pirantha ellorkum adiyEn- sudarar

    5 of the 63 naayan mars other than sundarar are associated with this
    though by birth sundarar came from nadu naadu he is associated with
    this birth place of his wife.
    lord shiva is reported to have walked the streets of the thiruvarur
    town to patch up a quarell between sundarar and his wife paravai.

    though it has the most pathigams there are three paadal petra
    sthalams that share the songs
    thiruvarur, aaroor araneri, paravaiyin mandali.

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