Ponnar Meniyane...
  • Suntharar Thevaram : Nanbanai Maranthayo?
    Ponniyin Selvanil enge varugirathu?

  • sathish,

    these lines are really touching! when i read this, i started having tears!


  • me too Shri.. Really touching..
  • Dear All,
  • Dear All,
    Talking about Sundarar Devaram, I thought I will add these few words.
    August 8th was Adi Swathi - Sundarar's Guru Poojai.
    We had a small gathering at "Manikkavasaga Aramani" Bangalore to perform a Pooja on this occation.  One of the member showed us a "Paper" which was "presented" in 1963 which talks about devaram "Poonar Meniyane" in PS.  I will try to scan and upload this paper when I find time. 
    Yes it was hand written in 1963 when most of the present PS members would not even be born.
    Sunderar's devara padigams are all very emotional.  Infact after he looses his eye sight near Tiruvotrioor he sang 13  very emotional padigams till he gains his full vision at Tiruvaroor.  
    Incidentally we are on a tour to these paadal pertra thalams starting 14th night to 17th of August. This tour is so popular, we had to  arrang a bus (54seater)  and a tempo traveler (14 seats) to carry all the Sivan addiyars 
    We have planned to touch all the places where Sundarar went starting Tiruvotrioor to Tiruvaroor. More details have be seen at http://uzhavaram.shaivam.org/index.htm
  • wow.. Excellent..

    Sundara is the youthful and romantic Adiyar among the Prime Trio -
    Sambandar being a kid and Appar being so elderly !

    Ref Archives on Sundara - Venkat has contributed more on his works.

    Cheramanperumal from Vanchi travelled to darshan Nataraja - when he
    failed to listen the daily quota of Nataraja's " silmboli (anklet
    sound) " - denoting Nataraja was dancing - in the previous night,
    and was told to visit Thiruvarur and befriend SUNDARA by Lord
    Nataraja himself !!

    Dear Saravanan very happy to see your wonderful mail after long
    time !

    Wishing the very best,

  • Dear SPS and other knowledgable members, did Sundarar leave his 'signature' on any of his poems - it is common practice for poets/ saints to do that, like the 'guru guha' of Muthuswamy Dikshitar, 'Tyagaraja' of Sri Tyagaraja and 'Ramadasan' of Papanasam Sivan.
    I am wondering if any of the 4 great saints had their own signature,
  • Very nice.i read this poet in websites.But i cannot understand tht much.
    But now when im reading this....Even im in office..my eyes full of tears.


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