Why Raja Raja Cholan Standing outside his Temple
  • Hi,

    Just stumbled on this article and was surprised that there is no
    statue of Raja Raja Cholan inside the temple that he built.

    Why is Emperor Raja Raja Cholan Standing outside the Thanjai Big
    Temple? The reason stated in the website below sounds too very far
    fetched and imagined.


    One more attempt should be made to request the (H)indian Govt to
    install the statue inside the temple.
  • Sudha,
    Does the article say that there is *no* statue of Rajarajan inside
    the temple? It says THE statue (popularly called 'cholan silai' by
    the thanjaivaasigal- which is also the bus stop for periya koil) is
    not inside the temple and the government is not taking it in. I think
    there IS a statue of Rajaraja inside the temple (a smaller one
    though), if I am not mistaken. Learned people, am I right?
  • Well Thilak
    Yu are right there are actually two statues of Rajaraja inside the temple

    The first one is a bronze which is found inthe left side of the main praharam and is seen worshipping the urchavamoorthi and amman

    The scond one is actually incorporated on the kodikambam near the nandhi statue and is facing north.


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