sivakamiyin sabatham..
  • Hi
    one of the best parts of sivakamiyin sabatham were the seeds kalki
    sows in the story for happenings beyond the book's timeline.
    the best example was the romance between nedumaran and
    mangayarkarasi. though they are very important people they come as
    side charecters in sivakamiyin sabatham.

    it was a great visualisation of the early years of a couple we know
    little about. infact if there are a 100 tamils in history who have
    changed the way we live today thiis couple would find a place right
    on top. it was nice that kalki recognized the fact in his own way.

    also sivakamiyin sabatham has so many charecters who had actually
    lived. anybody in history at that time kalki pulled in
    starting from huen tsang the chinese traveller.
    the nayanmars in the book include paranjothi, appar,mangayarkarasi,
    nedumaran and kulachiraiyar.

  • How can we compare SS and PS ?
    It is like comparing Ramayana and Mahabharatha!
    Ramayana is a 1 line story
    Mahabharatha - every line has a story.
  • Wow... Krupa,

    One of the best mails that I have read recently ;), I loved it.You
    have not been so active in the past two years I guess, please post
  • Saravanan sir....

    PS = Mahabaratham
    SS = Ramayanam

    apadi parunga.

    Kathai vithyasam thaan, aana Hanuman, Neelan, Jambhavan
    mahabarathathil irukkanga, inge oru sila char' will have some
    similarities but on the whole, i personally think they were modelled
    out of these epics (minus war scenes).
  • Dear SPS,

    Koduthathellam koduthar...avar yaarukkaga koduthar, orutharukka
    koduthar illai oorukkaga koduthara...
    Appadi thaan Krishnarum... Manidharukkul upadesathil avarai minja
    yaar ullar?
  • I remember reading somewhere that,

    The book given by God to Man - Bagavad gita
    The book given by Man to Man - Tirukural
    The book given by Man to God - Tiruvasagam (reg. how one should be
    devoted to thee..).

    After 5000 years, Gita is being used as case studies in Management
    institutes across the world.

    Few months back, I read an article, which dealt with stress management
    by top notch CEO (not sure across India or the world). Most of them
    said they take the principles of Gita - do your duty, dont expect
    results. Profit or loss, keep your mind balanced...etc.
  • PS pathi edhoPositive-aadhaaan solreengannu nenaikkarane. Sari, eppadiyo SS-kku PSai vida kammiyaana marknnaa adhuvey porum.

  • I heard Sunanda Parthasarathy has written a book called Krishna CEO... Analysing how lord krishna acted as a successful leader and as a CEO. A similar book called Jesus CEO is also there (read so in Hi Madan a few years ago). We may write Nandini CEO also based on PS. Most of the books are quite useful to our practical life, except SS :))

  • Mark podanum na history teacher biology subject thirutha koodathu...
    PS kannotathile SS pakka koodathu.
    Mahabaratham oruthar thaan ezuthinaar...
    Ramayanam pathi sollanuma? Sirithathu sengat singam...
    Deleting the super power ideology,
    Krishnar mathiri gunam nammala kaata mudiythu, Ramar mathiri
    irukka...atleast muyarchi pannalam?
  • Bhuvana sagodhari, thank you. I agree with you on why
    people do not like SS is a little beyond me too.

    I wanted to tell you one thing though, enakku sila
    samayam kashtamaga irukku, educated ladies thinking
    some characters are great like vanavan madhevi. A lady
    in any time who wants to allow her husband to be with
    someone else...adhulla ennanga periya perumai???
    Sivakami was not a historical figure so whether the
    real vanavam madhevi was like that or not is not
    really an issue. And Kalki many times wrote to cater
    to audience taste of his time. Why did he not allow
    Sivakami to think like that? To be a second wife to
    Narasimha after he was married? No, she was too
    dignified and proud to become that way and I find it
    easy to respect her for that.

    Munnam avan naamam kettal patri neengal solvadhu
    mutrilum sariye....sorry if I hurt your sentiments but
    I just wanted to share some thoughts, that is all.

  • Krupa sir...

    Eithavan irukka..ambai novan yen?
    naan yaarayum nai nu solrathe illa... karanam ennoda oru Gurunaathar
    padi irukkar
    'Nayirku adiyai kidantha adiyenai' solli...ethukku vambu.. bairavar
    kitta mariyathaya irkkanum.
    Joke oru pakkam irukka.. there is no question why any one shud take a
    critic personally, critics are the best thing to happen for any

    Krishnar mathiri iruntha avar panna leelai ellam pannalam, illena
    Ramar mathiri irukrathu thaan better, atleast wallet size kammi

    Kilai kathai and charecters with PS were equated to MB and the story
    line of SS was compared to Ramayana. Avalo thaan...

    Narasimha was the greatest king of that century he was much greater
    than Harsha himself. No one can change history as individuals or we
    need to be like the british and work hard at it (I wont go more into
    that now :-) ).
  • Krupa,

    ootukara amma avanga amma ootukku poyirukangala? Back to form...keep

    nalla pesi vecha mathiriye mail anuaparaye...very good (appa now
    everyone will be confused. athane nakku venum).

    When you earlier wrote that i called you and offered you a laptop as
    lanjam, I remember the arguments between Muruganandam and Divakar

    For the information of the new 2005 (ayyoo. sorry to
    say..please refer archives) Muruganandam and Divakar used to bring in
    lot of new topics and fight over it tooth and nail.

    appurama than thaniya pakkarache sonnanga....phonela orutharukoruthar
    pesi vechi preplanned debates natatharanganu....

    antha mathriri inga yaaru comedy keemadi pannalaye???

    Krupa appadi ethavathu iruntha sollidu, naan oram kattikaren..

    and again, intha commentukke ippadi kova padarangale.....
    YOu all should read Divakars comment on Vanthiyathevan..
    'veetoda mapillay' was the title given to our beloved hero. Character
    assasination to the core.atha ellam padicha ivanga enna pannuvanga....
    nenachale bayama irukku...
  • While talking about Divakars comment on VD...
    ippa Natarajan Srinivasan sir-a izhukkalama?

    Divakars comment on poonguzhali - 'athu oru loosu sir. Split personality'.
  • Sathish,

    Ennaku ungala partha than doubt a irruku. Kiruba is coming after a
    long hybernation(kalyanam aana ippidithana??) and suddenly there is
    there is a surge of mails from you, so...

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