Members in midwest/southern US
  • Dear friends, are there any members living in midwest/Southern US? I
    live in Kentucky.

    I know Satish is from Minnesota, which is way up north. We can have a
    meet somewhere mid country if there are enough people?
    Also anyone from Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand? I am planning to visit
    there in November and would be good to know.
  • Myself and Thiru are in michigan.

    We should plan a meet in webex video confr, I have a license for the
  • I think that is a good idea.
  • > > Also anyone from Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand?

    vijay kumar is from singapore
  • Ramnath mani is in Signapore.

    US lots of them....

    Gokul, Lavanya (i am yet to talk with her :( ), Suganya (avalukku oru
    code word irukku, sonna enna kolai panniduva. hint search 2005
    archives),Seethalakshmi madam (mail anipinen pesave illa), new entrant
    Kathie and as already said, myself, Thiru, Ravi and Malathy.

    when gokul proposed the idea of monthly PS meet I suggested him that we
    can have a meet in the US. After that I didnt talk with him again.
    I even proposed webex and now that Ravi has a license i think we can
    use it.

    It will be great if you can talk on some topic of interest to begin
    with. Even your experience on some field trip should be interesting.

    Lets not leave this with this and make it sooner.. What about next
  • Sunday after 2 pm (EDT) wont be good. Any other time is ok.
    lets get confirmation and we can jump in.
    There are conference lines we can use too.
  • Thanks Satish. Yes next weekend sounds good to
    me.Given distance factors it is tough to travel here
    and people are always busy.

    Webex is a great idea.
  • Hi,

    Is anyone from San Diego/Los Angeles area, if present
    in US?


  • I was shocked to read this and immediately called Gokul. lucky that
    nothing major happened to him or his family (his wife and kid were
    there in the car). A collision resulted in total damage of his car and
    minor injuries to his wife. everyone are safe.
  • Good to hear that. New york city is crazy place to drive with narrow
    lanes and people don't follow rules as strictly as other cities in the

    On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 10:13 PM, SatishKumar Arunachalam

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