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    Natarajan sir, namma oorula late-a vandha latesta varanum...

    Neenga ennadana sethu poi, pathu kariyam mudichi subasweekaranathannki
    vandhu soukiyamanu kekareenga....

    the topic has been closed and archived. Venkatesh drenched Asin pathi
    pesumbothu atha kavanikkaratha vitutu......
    Atleast Madurai Tirukalyanatha pathiyavadhu ketirukkalam....

    BTW, I saw a news article in Dinamalar that some kalvetu and
    sculptures are lying in 'Sakkadai' in the taramangalam temple, near Selam.

    If I am correct, this masilamani temple is one that is famous for its
    sculptures, which is talked in line with Tirubuvanam, GKC etc.

    Gokul, Is this the temple you and Madam Seethalakshmi visited a year
    or so ago?
  • adappaavikalaa

    enna thiirthu katrathunnu mudivu senjutingala.
    asin drenched foto i talked about but that was in ful costume with
    bakthi paravasam on her face.
    i'll locate the pic and send vijay and sathish.

    but talking about quarries, i visited a quarry near hosur yesterday.
    adjacent to it was a stone temple abandoned. the idols had been
    shifted to a nearby sparkling new temple.
    the stone temple was atleast a few hundred years old.
    i imagined the glory of vijaya nagar initially but it was much later
    I guessed.

  • Completely drenched
    But completely costumed.
    completely disappointed

    sariya Sathish? Naan line la vanthutteanaa?


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