my video on differently abled
  • Dear members,
    I loaded in you tube, last time a 1 minute video on generic india, shot at
    Chidambaram temple. This time, I have uploaded a 1 minute film titled,
    'differently abled' played by eminent artists. Pls watch and comment

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    > Regards
    > Chandrasekaran

    hi chandra

    your creative juices are flowing....lovely. the choice of the song is
    your touch..

  • Dear members,
    May I just say that it is so pleasant to find
    a discussion group where nearly everyone is so
    respectful of each other. and apologetic if anyone's
    feelings might be hurt.
    It's wonderful. I'm very impressed
    by all your politeness -- so different from most chat groups.
    Kathie B.
  • Dear Chandra,

    Great effort.
    I along with my family acknowledge.

    Loads of normal and able are on earth
    Most are only idle loads since their birth.

  • Dear Katherine,

    there is a famous movie in tamil called 'Tiruvilayadal'. One famous
    dialog is 'Sandayum sacharavum pulavargalin parambarai sothu'.
    Meaning, friction and fight are heridetaroy property of poets (too
    literal a translation sorry for that).

    When minds meet, you cant avoid friction. If everyone thinks alike
    then life will not be interesting.
    And you get offended only if someone known to you talks bad about you.
    You wont mind if the person is a close friend or an unknown stranger.

    In this group, only these two categories are their - either people
    know each other well or they dont know each other at all.

    So the fights never matter. I think almost every year atleast one
    heated debate like this happens.
    All part of the game. You will enjoy more as time passes. If possible
    participate, else sit aside and enjoy.

    Check out the archives, especially from 2005 (second half of the
    year). There is no dearth of fights, pulling legs, fun, emotional
    outburst surrounding loads of information.
  • Perhaps if I contribute frequently, you'll get to know me well, too.
    I don't mind arguments, just hate nastiness.
    Kathie B.
    ps I'm a library clerk in Mass., USA & love visiting India ~ all
    over, Delhi to Madurai, Dwarka to Sundarbans, 11 visits of ancient
    places, so far.
  • > I think visit to Sundarbans is banned these days due to security
    > reasons. I heard lot of crocadiles and hence govt. doesnt allow anyone
    > to venture in. Heard its a lovely place.
    Hi satish

    The sunderbans are the domain of the royal bengal of the last places where they seem to be winning the survival battle, such an inhospitable environment perfectly suited for the perfect killer. I hv heard amazing stories of these tigers stalking ( swimming) their prey incl humans on boats over 3 days....anyway they also seem to hv a large number of human prey as well ( fishermen) ....reminds me of jim corbett , kenneth anderson days....anyway the most surprising thing I saw in a tv program that the tigers attacked only fm the rear n hence the govt distributed plastic masks to the men to wear it ( bk of the head)....not sure if it worked. Tigers are really smart top of the chain bring the disc back to ps.....

    Pandyan fish standard ..... Meen aatchi?
    Pallava initially bull later lion
    Chera bow
    Chola tiger
  • Satish, thanks for clarifying - it is interesting to know there have
    been debates so far (I don't get enough time to read archives,

    I was not sure if the moderator message was indirectly addressed to
    me to shut up and leave, but perhaps not. Anyway definitely I won't
    be writing as much as before and there is so much information to
    read here.


  • Malathy,

    You are mistaken. The moderators message was not indirectly to you.....

    I would say, its directly to you only :)
    idhu kooda puriyalaya? haha...

    Just kidding....the moderators - SPS, Sri, Venkat, Gokul and Krupa do a wonderful job.
    I would say SPS intervenes when necessary and take the group in such a way that the
    harmony is not bothered. Sri is too busy these days (he used to write more frequently
    earlier) but still manages his time for the group.

    Its an amazing team. You will love your stay if you are really open to learn.

    The groups count is 1441, a palindrome !? nearing the magic figure of 1500 but still only
    a few to write. (amam 10 peru ezhutharatheye padikka neram illa...ithula 1500 perum oru
    nalaikku alukku oru mail anupina kooda.... officela seata kizhichu veetukku ponu
  • Hi all

    atleast two moderators sps and me participated on two sides of this
    argument. so the ultimatum was to us as much as others.
    local politix( asterix stlye) creates so much heatmeans just imagine
    our argumenst on the cholas and kalki.
    dont take it as an offense maloo. it has nothing to do with any
    we do welcome current topics which happen to have their roots in
    historical topics. but some topics have no ending and create a lot of
    heat as it is.
  • Thanks Venkat. I agree with what you say.
  • Dear Chandra,

    This is a great effort indeed. Keep up the good work going.
  • Dear chandra,

    U tube was problem in my computer. Now rectified.
    Good attempt. Congrats.


    Dear Chandra
  • Thanks for your encouraging words Dear Sri and SPS sir.

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