Balakumaran Interview & Ponniyin Selv & Tamil Authors
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    > hi siva, i would have loved if he had copied atleast the character
    > outlines of PS into udayar....after completing PS when we get raving
    > mad ( like all of us) burning with the thirst to read more of the
    > cholas - i too tried to gather every book - udayar 5 books -
    > unfortunately ( already written by view) cant get past 2/3 rd...the
    > depictions of sembian madevi is ........

    I am not a great of Balakumran either. But I have read couple of books
    and I liked it. What I meant was you should not accuse when you cannot
    show the proof.

    Also I wonder tamil authors are beoming a rare breeds now a days, will
    they be extinct in coming days. Though a scary thought, but RV once
    mentioned to me, no tamil author can survive without going to Cinema.

    Is the creativity a problem here, or is it something to do with the
    very few telling me that they have reading habits at all and only 10%
    of them had read a tamil book at all. I could not understand why is
    tamil reading is becoming so uncommon.

    In the western countries, there are businees empires with the novel
    publication alone, and the latest trend is that to go with ebooks but
    in India I could not find a one single publisher coming any where in
    the horizon.

    Writers in the group can throw some light on my doubts??
  • Hi sivaram

    full time writers need to solve their dietary problems elsewhere.
    sure they would be short of calories if they depended on written word
    we hve scientists writing, we have bank employees writing etc. the
    other breed is trusting only their creativity and also writing for
    in our group too seethalaksmi madam is a retired public servant,
    venkatram dhiwaker is in shipping business,gokul, rajni ramki and ram
    are in software, natrajan srinivasan is (enna sollalaam?)semiretired
    technocrat who has sold his company for more than a song,
    muruganandam is general manager marketing in a company.
    lets hope we have somebody in another category too. someone who
    writes and also is in the movies.


    i for one nourish the romantic idea of becoming a 'full time writer'
  • I have read both BS and a lot of Thi Ja. And with all respect to
    Malathi & Sivaram, I dont think BS can clean the boot of Thi Ja.

    Why? BS, except probably 'Irumbu Kuthiraigal' and 'Mercury Pookal',
    didn't write novels that delve deeply into the psyche of the novel
    and preferred himself to be molded deftly into the image created by
    these 2 novels. If you read all his novels, you can amazingly find a
    thread of commonality with the repetition of characters/events etc.

    Thi Ja actually brought the novel form to perfection through 'Moga
    Mull' but I consider 'Amma Vanthal' as his best. If you run through
    his books, you find that women form the core of his novels but they
    are none too perfect with faults in characters which Thi Ja does not
    justify but let the user accept it & proceed further. While he can
    be called the perfectionist of Novel form in Tamil, there are others
    who took it further and beyond, like AsokaMithran..

    To compare BS with Thi Ja is blasphemy at best.
  • This is a good link on Thi Ja.

    I wrote an essay in pre univ during my last tamil class on comparing
    him to BK. Unfortunately am so out of touch with resouces here in US
    that i don't have access to it or to any real comparative study.
    Memory does not help with the number of years gone by.

    BK as Muthu said is very repetitive, I truly remember that as one
    factor. He is definetely one of the more modern writers who are
    readable so am not ready to write him off.

    Thi Ja's Yamuna of Mogamul along with Kalki's Savitri are my
    favorite tamil literary heroines. They come with their faults and
    strength of character, there is less contrivance (not all of Kalki's
    characters are this way but Savitri was) and the reader can see them
    as human beings, at the same time heroic in their struggles.

  • Dear SPS,
    Did you see the gorgeous sculpture on
    Nageshvaram Koil at Kumbakonam?
  • SPS, I didn't know Uthama was married to a Pandiya
    princess..could you say more?


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