Hi from Sujatha
  • Hi All

    I am old member.. peeping in today. Just like that.

    I was an active member during 2004 & 05.

    I am not able to see mails from any of my old friends - Krupa,
    Poonguzhali, Seshadri Gokul, Pavithra Srinivisan, rrchola,
    Vijayalayan, aaditha karikalan, .. and so on. (Sorry if i have missed
    out someone)

    Happy to see the gradual increase in the number of mails and
    memberships as well, as years have went thru...

    Thanks & Regds / Suji

    A big - long HI from all of us over here .. !

    I think following is the first mail posted by you .. almost 5 years
    back .. !

    Ever Jovial KRUPA is not so active, though watching mails now. Got
    married. Having baby girl.

    So is adithakarikalan @ Kamalakkanan. married. having son. now in
    Japan. Writes in www.varalaaru.com

    Gokul has now moved to the USA from Singapore. We are also missing
    his informative mails.. Silent due to work pressure we presume.

    pavithra has involved herself in project madurai, translation of
    sivagamiyin sabatham. active in publishing. having her own blog now.

    Poonguzhali @ Lavanya also got married. Now in the USA.

    Ram also got married recently. Now in Bangalore.

    You have (inadvertantly) missed to mention our London Surgeon
    Sridhar Rathinam.. He writes - though less frequently.

    And our respected Css Rajan - with his punching oneliners ..
    continues to scribe.

    Pls do active again and enrich us.

    We can see how History is being made in our own Group !!

    with best regards /

    rrchola @ sps
  • ahaa, SPS appadiye Ramana style-la orey pulli vivaramaa eduththu
    vittu kalakkareenga...

    Sujatha, vaanga vaanga, nice to see you again (MANASAATCHI:
    inime group urupta maadhiridhaan.)

    Btw, as sps said, inimale ellaathayum veruma watch pannindu
    irukka vendiyadhudhaan... be it mails or life. onnum en kaila illai.

    Vijayaalayan ilangaiyilerndhu vera naattukku poittaar... Thailand-nu
    nenaikkarane, for higher studies, mhmm, aindhil vilayaadhadhu..
    resigned job. Kalyaanam aachchu, but guess due to war in Sri

    Thilak-nu orthar, PhD vaanginaara illayanu kooda theriyalai. aal
    mothama escape!!!! pazhaiyaarai maruthuvar "nalla padi, group
    pakkamlaam inimale varaadhey"nu piramba vechu advice
    pannirukkaar polarukku. KVRaja kooda kalyaanam aanadhulerndhu
    sound-ey kaanum.

    CSS Rajan konjam thirundhittaar polarukku.

  • mukkiyamaa solla vandha sedhi onnu vittu pochu... periyaasupathiri
    pol oorukkonnu katti...chee...thappu thappu.

    Sathya123 kkum oru pen magavu pirandhulladhu.


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