Writer Sujatha died.
  • SUJAATHAA.......

    My respects to the man.
    Sometimes had his hands on my pen.
    Sometimes had his words on my mouth.
    Sometimes had his chair on my brain.
    Sometimes had his laws on my books.
    Goodbye, my man.

  • News 1 hr ago - http://www.kollywoodtoday.com/news/writer-sujatha-passed-away/

    Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sujatha

    Another one - http://www.writersujatha.com/index.html

    It is a huge loss, I read almost all his novels and liked the fluency
    of his writing which will let you keep reading the book till the end.

    Nila Nizhal
    Aan, etharku, eppadi

    On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 2:27 PM, sridhar rathinam
  • Yes this is a huge loss to the society.

    "En inya Iyandira"...Now movie Robo of Shankar was
    also dependent on him as it was his script!
  • Oh...thats a bad news. If I remember right, 'Meendu Jeeno' was the
    first story I read at my young age, after going through the
    Ambulimama, Rani comics, Poonthalir phase....

    One of the author I admired for a long time, until I was introduced to

    As Sri said, his contribution to Tamil literature is really adorable.
    Even at such age, he was active and could think and write like an
    youngster, thats his strength.

    May his soul rest in peace.
  • >
    > SUJAATHAA.......
    > My respects to the man.
    > Sometimes had his hands on my pen.
    > Sometimes had his words on my mouth.
    > Sometimes had his chair on my brain.
    > Sometimes had his laws on my books.
    > Goodbye, my man.
    hi Natrajan
    a great tribute to a great man

    sujatha embodies creativity
    if a man was creative in one field so would he be in other fields.
    the electronic voting machine which has made elections honest in
    india was invented by a team that was led by sujatha rangarajan
    I think the true tribute would be to discuss( first list) out his
    historical novels and tell us about them


  • First mail I read this morning ... I am upset. He was a master in all his
    fields be it Tamizh Ilakkana Ilakiyangal to Sirukadhaigal to Novels to
    Electronic Voting Machine. He had his own style and many people in this late
    40s will be fan of Sujatha ie people who were in their teens or college days
    in 1980s. We will miss you Sujatha Rengarajan!

    ~ Udanx
  • First news i read this morning. really great loss not only to the literature
    world but also to the movie world. Just when tamil cinema is gearing itself
    up to a level where they can bring life to his wonderful science fiction
    we know a decent bit about the writer side Sujata i.e. Kumudam short
    stories, Paalam in Ananda Vikatan which really took off, etc. Maybe somebody
    can write a nicely detailed mail about the the man we dont know much about,
  • What a sad morning today. I can't think he is no more
    with us. Will somebody help me rewind the clock?
  • Sad morning indeed :(
    I read in Desikan's blog that he had been hospitalised, but did not think the end was so near. I used to think that an issue of AV without Sujatha's writing was not complete.
    His Srirangam stories were my favorite.
    Condolences to his family & all his readers.
  • Very Sad. As you have rightly pointed out I was his great fan in my teens and used to have more than thousands of his photos - from news papaers and magazines in my scrap book.
  • He had such a positive view and temperament. He often spent a couple of
    hours in the beach either walking or resting in one of the chairs. His
    thoughts run like this: When he saw young people he felt happy and
    thanked God that he was able to outlive many of his generation. And when
    he saw older people he was reassured that he had many more years to
    live. Ellam nalladukke.

    I believe, when he wrote about the massacre of ten thousand Sri
    Vaishnavas in Srirangam by invading muslim armies, he got hate mails and
    threats; this made him postpone his proposed series on Islam and Quran.
    (Sujatha has said so, I think in Junior Vikatan).

    He also played an active part in recommending Tamil computing, coding,
    fonts and keyboard layout. He had the capacity to understand complex
    topics in diverse fields - science, genetics, psychology, para-sciences
    and religion (vaishnavam especially) and demystify the topics for easy

    Tamil reading public will miss him a lot.

  • My mind is not accepting this news. Once I read
    Aananda Vikadan only for his writings. The way he
    narrate his younger day life in Srirangam was classic
    one. "En iniya yiendra" is my all time favorate. I was
    feeling proud that I am also living in the same decade
    of him. Sujatha is one of the person I want to meet in
    my life. But hereafter we cant see him forever. May
    his soul rest in peace. We all pray God for that.

  • Hi
    sujatha could capture the soul of a event or a place.
    his srirangam stories made us so familiar with the place as if we
    had lived there.

    and his saucy remarks.
    a question was asked about the necessity of pota act. after the
    answer sujatha added many would like to see me arrested under pota
    for writing the dialougue for the movie "boys"

    could somebody list his novels made into movies

    karaiyellam shenbagapo,
    priya is what comes to my mind

    of course a recent movie carried his most popular title "pirivom
    how many boys were named vasanth and how many girls madhumitha in
    that season.
  • My little tribute
    I am coming back here today to mourn one of my childhood heroes.
    Sujatha died today. It sounds crazy because I never felt him to be a
    old person. He was something like a demi-god to me right from the day
    I started reading 'En Iniya Iyanthira' till today and probably will
    remain so for the time to come as well. I dont remember whether 'En
    Iniya Iyanthira' was the first Sujatha story I read. But I remember
    the days, when I was in 8th standard then, when we (me and
    Anantharaman, another childhood friend disappeared without a trace)
    would wait for the next episode of 'En Iniya Iyanthira' in AV (it was
    serialized). We used to discuss a lot on the science behind such a
    story and terms like 'teleport' or 'hologram' introduced me into a
    science I never heard of till that date. It astonishes me that such a
    novel like that was written by Sujatha in 1986-87 for a bunch of
    readers who dont even have TVs in their houses(we had none). It also
    shows the reach of his intelligence and the gift of simplifying
    things for the lay man. Even today, both 'En iniya Iyanthira'
    and 'Meendum Zeno' remain my favorite sci-fi novels. Who can forget
    that little presumptive robo-dog giving lecture on Zeno's paradox?

    More at http://sibipranav.blogspot.com/

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Hi
    nice articles about sujatha in the hindu and andanda vikadan
    in anandavikadan his last writing accompanies desikans write up.

    also dont miss a one page article on the demise of stella bruce. it
    was very touching when in the last line it was mentioned " thnks to
    the ten people who attended the funeral"
    perhaps death is not the great leveller as philosophers say.
  • So when the death of writer Stella Bruce was announced
    on a website, I turned on the TV trying to get more
    information. Had a glance of a TV report showing his
    body kept on a rusty cart with a tag tied on his hand,
    clothed in near rags, flies roaming around. Realized
    the kind of importance/relevance he got, and stopped
    the TV.

    Certainly he was an acclaimed author of the 80's and
    90's. Today's press is running after the mass market
    and the youth are sucked into BPOs /ITs. No one cares
    unless there is some money in it. Happy that there are
    atleast some good 10 souls.
  • Hi
    it wouldnt be right to compare sujatha and stella bruce, but one
    thing is evident. there is a hidden lesson to be learnt in this .
    writers should adapt themselves into newer developments and continue
    to exhibit their creativity till their end.
    like any other field those who lag behind in this are bound to get
    left out.

  • " thnks to
    > > > the ten people who attended the funeral"

    veedu varai uravu, veethi varai manaivi, kaadu varai pillai - he didnt
    have any
  • http://jeyamohan.in/?p=300

    jeyamohan has known rajmohan aka stella bruce.
    lots of people praise a novel of the write " athu oru nila kaalam"
    the writer seems to have been known for a trade mark- kanniyamaana
    this was the tribute paid to him in another blog
    Vaazhkaiyai azhagaga parka katru kodutha oru Writer.

    Ann Penn Natpai - Thavarillamal - Arokyamaga parka , pazhaga katru

  • Very true. In this fast world, it is like holding the
    tiger by its tail for everybody. When will we all have
    time for everything else ?

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