• Hi SPS

    Both Ramayan and Thirupugazh are abundant with management concepts
    and scenarios. I believe it was Rajadithan during thirumunaipadi camp
    reused manpower to construct canals over kollidam. It may be
    difficult to get that kind of support in today's world (given the
    labor laws and unions and skill specializations etc), but it was a
    smart move by the king that time for water harvesting.

    It will be an interesting study to analyze the war tactics (strictly
    RJC and RRC alone) and their central admin system. I am sure there
    are a lot of individuals here who manage teams and this can be of
    great value.
  • Hi SPS

    I can write a bit on derivations from Thirupugazh. We can also look
    at Ramayan.

    On RJC / RRC : I was only interested in their management techniques
    pertaining to central administration and in lieu of that the
    corresponding war strategies. To be precise, the reason for them to
    war on any state and how they managed the state for 30 - 60 years.
  • How do we see "Thirukkural" here?
  • hi divakar sir,

    kalki mentions about the tirukural suvadi in PK, which the chola kign
    entrusts to his wife for safekeeping, wonder from where kalki got the
    idea from - along with karikalan's sword...remember reading about a
    chera red jewel which figures in RJC inscriptions in mannan magal...

  • Hi
    Coming to think of it have we had a full fledged discussion on
    what period?
    which place?
    what religion( jain or hindu?)
  • It is widely believed that ThiruvaLLuvar was born on
    31 AD. How was this found?
    His birth day is on the second day of Tamil month
    Thai. How?
  • Very nice detail on Sekkizhar.


  • I am not sure but if my memory goes correct, there were quite a few
    discussion on Tiruvallur being Jain or Hindu during early 2005.
    I am not so good like SPS to pick and post the relevant mails...I
    really wonder how he does that :)

    But I think, its Priya Vaishnava (?) who gave very good argument on
    Tiruvalluvar being a hindu.

    Regarding place of birth or period, I dont think there were any
  • I remember a conversation I had with Natarajan sir and Sathyamurthy
    sir during the cave men trip, in which Nataranjan mentioning
    Thiruvaluvar being a jain because of no reference to a God in the
    thirukural. Considering that age in which all the arts being centered
    around a religion thirukural is odd without any direct reference to
    god isn't?
  • The debate about Thiruvalluvar's religious affiliation can and will go
    on for ever; there is no Q.E.D. He could have been a born hindu,
    converted to Jainism or vice versa. Jainism is an old religion with an
    unbroken tradition like Hinduism; there are many jains who, though
    well-to-do, shrewd in finance and modern, are very devout and follow
    traditions and personal discipline in an orthodox manner. I personnaly
    have come across these instances:

    1. Middle and old ladies leave home and undertake yatra, walk all the
    way, visiting/ staying in temples, and eating only food offered in the
    temples and by devotees.
    2. My friend's father left home on a yatra, leaving a note, and till
    date the family doesn't know where he is.
    3. My colleague's mother, when she realised that her end was near,
    refused tratment and medicines and food, and spent the balance of her
    life in prayer and meditation.

    In all such cases, the family members accept the elder's decision and
    quietly help him/her.

  • Everytime i look at this page and the image inside - i am always
    reminded of tiruvalluvar. check the narration - is the Statue
    of "The Sage" or King Parakramabahu 1.

    also an interesting account of

    Vanavanmadevi Isvaram Temple
    During the 70 years the Cholas ruled Sri Lanka and it is interesting
    that they built a temple to their gods not between or on the nearby
    Buddhist temples but discreetly beside them. According to the
    inscription on the walls of this temple it says it was built by
    Rajendra Cola and named after one of his queens. It is an excellent
    example of Chola architecture and almost perfectly preserved. The
    positioning of this temple says a lot about the Cohlas religious
    policy in Sri Lanka. Their rule was undoubtedly harsh but they were
    tolerant as far as religion was concerned. They could have built
    this temple to their god on top of the nearby Buddhist temples but
    instead they chose to place it discreetly near them. It is also
    interesting that when the Sinhalese finally succeeded in driving the
    Cholas out and regained their capital they did not destroy this
  • Yeah..

    I used to wonder, why Rajendra built Vanavanmadevi Iswaram in Lanka.

  • It is said Thiruvalluvar had seen the Thandavam of Shiva.
    I am trying to get a grounded fact on this little detail.

    PS: I thought we had mentioned about thirupugazh to start with :-)
  • Just a doubt, has Thirukural or Thiruvalluar been mentioned in any other
    ancient work. There should some history available with each of the work
    right, like Raja Rajan bringing out Devaram from the Chidambaram, is there
    any history associated with Thirukural. How it came in to being, how it
    survived 2000 years, in whose reign it was famous???
  • good question shiva, also in what form was it handed down - meaning,
    while some of the similarly dated texts hv been losts - how come the
    kural alone has been handed down in its entirety..

  • Hi All,

    I found the following link in the net about Thirukural
    and Management. Hope some of you may have already seen


  • Yesterday I visited Ananda Viketan, it seems they have
    a book on Management by Tirukkural. Didnt buy that
  • Hi Vk
    its a fashion in the world book industry to churn out books on
    management based on ancient texts,.

    other than thirukkural, bagawad gita and The Art of War written
    during the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu.
    the last is very important with napoleanic and some battles of ww2
    planned with it.
    in corporate culture its very important as with sports coaching. the
    brazilian team was coached based on this for a world cup.

  • Thanks SPS Sir and others,

    I really enjoy and feel pride in being this group. So
    many new things to learn about our ROOTs.

    hats off to all of you.

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • check out this interesting paper


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