PS as comic work
  • Nanbargale

    Some time back, we were discussing about the possibility of bringing
    PS as
    a comic work. I had suggested flash as a preferrable software for the
    and had said that I'd done some work on this before.
    Kindly download my small demo at

    Unzip the file and run the .exe
    Due to many reasons, this project could not go through - but it
    highlighted the power of flash to do characters.

    We can actually think about making ps as an online comic book.
    At the moment, it will look like an impossible task - but by making
    use of
    flash we can bring it close to reality. For example, it is enough if
    we do
    a few poses for each character and then we can repeat it
    Also, we can actually make use of selected backgrounds.
    We need not animate characters as I have done it in this demo - but
    make it a static comics.


    Sri - sorry for the delay in uploading demo.

    Well guys, what do you think ? Trying to do too many things with
    resources ? Well...:-)
  • Gokul,

    The demo is really superb. We can do PS comic version. But I believe this can be done only by tech guys. so u all discuss and let us know what little help we can provide in bringing this out.

    Trying to do lots of things with too little resources:-)

  • Hi Gokul,

    the demo was superb, but i think one must be well
    versed in flash / 3d max etc to work on it. People
    like me who are not technically very sound can
    definetly help u in little way tha we can.
  • Hi Gokul,

    the demo was superb, but i think one must be well
    versed in flash / 3d max etc to work on it. People
    like me who are not technically very sound can
    definetly help u in little way tha we can.

    i know a little of director, photoshop 3d max etc (not
    very proficient) if it will be of any use wld like to
    help u guys in it
  • Dear Gokul,

    Our initial attempts to meet director shankar and
    others didn't work out well.

    Here, i am providing information about our discussion
    with Mr. Nagasamy regarding making PS as comic.

    " Cartoon-ai 12 vayadhu varai ulla kuzhandhaigal thaan
    virumbip paarkkum. Oru 12 vayasup paiyanaal PS-i
    purindhu kolla mudiyuma alladhu adhil ulla
    sorsuvaiyaiyum porutsuvaiyaiyum periyavargal pol
    aazhndhu rasikka mudiyuma enbathellaam sandhegame."

    But gokul, we don't have to get discouraged by these
    words and we can do our best. We should not think in
    future that 'Oru velai PS-ai naam cartoon-aaga seidhu
    irundhirukkalaamo?'. To avoid having such thoughts, we
    have to make an attempt. For this, we don't have to
    depend on the professionals cartoon makers and we can
    work on 'Than kaiye thanakkudhavi' basis.

    The tools like Flash, 3D max and photoshop are not
    rocket sciences and anybody can do if interested. So,
    let us prioritize the work and get it done.

    Please let me know what do you think.
  • Nanbargale,

    Thanks for all your inputs.

    Kamal : I am certainly not discouraged by Dr.N's remarks. I still
    have obsession with my old muthu/lion comics and whenever I go back
    to my home in Trichy I dig out all the comics and read them to my
    heart's content !!:-) when I visited - I was
    convinced that I was not alone.

    Infact I have done quite an extensive work in flash character
    animation - the demo was just a bit of it. I have even written a few
    articles on the subject. It is tricky - but the results are very good.
    I used bryce and 3D max for backgrounds.

    Jana : Fully agreed. The problem is - out of 250+ group - we can
    actually count those who are most active - may be 20 to 25 ! Rest of
    the guys are silent spectators or do not have time to participate in
    these activities.

    Hence we certainly need to have priorities.

    We already have quite a no of things to do :
    PS website
    Varalaaru website
    Bringing works of Mylai seeni venkatasamy online (another website!)
    Participating in Cultural atlas of tn (with Sudarshanam)
    what more ????

    Once all these things are settled, we will have a look at this PS
    comic work.

    Target audiance ?

    No, not just children - but adults as well. Probably, if it is in
    english, then PS can be read by many many people.

    One day, it may even become a cartoon movie! who knows ?

    It is quite a far fetched project with lot of hard work - but atleast
    with software tools, we are in a position to say that it is not

    We will take it up - but let us keep this in the back of our minds
    for now.
  • Hello Gokul,
  • that was very impressive gokul

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