Amazing if true......

    Dinosaurs in ancient Cambodian temple
    Amazing evidence that dinosaurs and humans coexisted

    the article also has a very nice close up of Indra on the three headed
    iravatam. the panel discussed - esp the encircling coils vaguely
    reminds of the vijaya or rayala gopuram in mamallai ( unfinished
    gopuram ...during the vijayanagar times)
  • Hi vijay

    it looks like a tailed variety of the tapir. an animal frequently
    found in that area but was hunted down during the cambodian war.

    its still found in neighbouring countries.
    there is a statue of a giraffee in kajuraho. though there is evidence
    thaat the animal never lived in inda after the ice ages.

  • :) Similarly Virudagirieswarar temple in Virudachalam has a carving of a T-Rex? I have not seen it but read it either from Sakthi-Vikatan or from another temple related magazine. Can someone confirm?
  • hello;
    Ive read about this sculpture in Combodia too. A bit too far fetched.
    Dinosaurs and man can never ever have co-existed atleast not man in the
    form he is in now i.e. walking on two legs and civilized. No way!!
    This probably a case of the sculptor being inspired by fossils. Remember
    that the basement for building this temple had to really deep hence they
    must have found a really good fossil during digging. There were taxidermists
    (people who create the shape of the living thing from its skeleton) during
    that age and they would have given shape to this fossil skeleton. This is my

    Rajendra Cholan vena Himalayas ponatha neenga yennaya namba vechurukkalaam
    ana ithu romab romba over.:) :) Marupadiyum solren oru kalvettu mattum vechu
    yellathayum sollaatheenga.

    Mr.Venketesh's giraffe example is really good. Probably the sculptor was
    influenced by the drawings of either the cavemen or travelers who always
    know a lot.
  • >
    > Mr.Venketesh's giraffe example is really good. Probably the
    sculptor was influenced by the drawings of either the cavemen or
    travelers who always know a lot.

    Hi Rahul
    want to hear about my girafee theory.

    lots of african slaves were brought into india for quite some time.
    these men even married locally and formed tribes in gujarat and other
    places. one must have apperenticd to a sculptor.

    paaththingala, khajurahovil kooda girafee sculpture thaan catches my


    > Regards
    > Rahul
  • Ha..

    Here is an answer..

    vj, the site you are quoting is a creationist site supporting
    genesis as the basis of creation. This is very similar to the
    dinosaur tracks found with man's tracks in Paluxy.

    Not that everything they the evolutionists say is true. But the kind
    of evidence presented in the creationist sites are generally skewed
    or slant.

    On the other hand, if dinosaurs existed only 800 years before, why
    our Kadaram Kondan didn't mention it. Also the great kingdoms of
    Angkor has only one mention of a stegosaurus? No written evidence or

    My guess is this is more like a Chinese Dragon or the common green
    Iguana found in the tropical low lands of SE Asia..

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Dear Vijay and Rahul
    I dont see any reason why the images should nt be original there is no reason that they found fossils and added it to the images ir was it the imagination o the scupturere like thE Yazhis and dragons...

    Rahul..Whether you like it or nor RJCs Ganga campaign has historic proofs as opposed to Karikalans Imayavarambans and Nedunchezhians conquests...

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