• Dear friends,

    I am reading about Siruthondar and of curiosity was trying to analyze his work as General Paranjothi vs our own General Vanthiyathevan.

    Both being Kalki's portrayals , it would be an interesting analysis on their life and strategies.
  • Hi Ravi,
    I've read about Paranjyothi in the SS translation on
    Pavitra's blog and in my perception both Paranjyothi
    and Vanthiyathavan were smart genrals - but in a
    strange way there was an aura of Godliness attributed
    to Paranjyothi :-)

    Hello to all in PS gp

  • Slightly scary story SPS :-)
    Yes it does have a very deep spiritual meaning
  • Hello Deepa / SPS

    Understandably, the story has a inner meaning. Siruthondar cannot be
    compared to vandiyathevan.

    I am trying to understand how Paranjyoti compared to vandiyathevan.
    How the paths divulged and what are their similarities in war and
    structure of planning. Any books or reference material that can
    outline war stratergies of the generals?

    Also... prior to vatapi, Ganesha worship needs to be studied, I
    browsed thru the archives for a discussion but did not see any
    conclusion though. I know all murugan temples had a Ganesha in them.
    May be vatapi was the 'thiruttu' pillayar success concept ? ... i
    dont know, any elite thoughts?
  • Hi Ravi,

    I read an article about Ganesh worship in during
    Ganesh Chadhurthi.

    This article concludes the ganesh worship in tamilnadu is of later
  • Dear Mr.Kumara Guruparan

    Thanks for the link, looks like the data is very precise.
    I have only one doubt here, I know Nakkeerar wrote the Vinayagar
    Thiruagaval, I believe he lived in the 2nd - 3rd BC.
    Thats where it throws me off balance.

    Paranjyoti plays a very important part in bringing the ganapathi here,
    however, I feel the thought of 'Thirutu pillayar' started from this

    Again, thanks for your link, it would be helpful in my study.

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