Kaveriyin Maindan
  • I wish to congrtulate Venkatesh for the excellent book he has written.
    It was a pleasure to read this sequel to PS. Tha narration was gripping,
    the style breezy and free-flowing; I very much enjoyed the book. Well
    done, sir.

    I was in chennai for a few days and borrowed the 3 volume book from a
    lending library. When I asked for the title, it was not initially
    available, but the owner of the librarary offered to reserve it for me.
    When told that I was on a short trip for a week only, he promised to get
    it for me; he said that the novel had become very popular, and he had
    fifteen sets in circulation. He also offered to add another set, if none
    was returned in the next two days. He phoned me as soon as vol1 was
    returned; I had to make three trips to collect the full set.

    I had to read the book in a hurry, and I will definitely read it again.

  • wait till his Tillaiyil Oru Kollaikaran comes out....am sure it
    will be a super duper hit

  • Have read only one of Mr.Venkatesh's books and describing it as a stunner
    would be an understatement! Before PS i have never read anything from any
    Indian author. After PS it was Mr.Venkatesh's Madurai which simply took my
    breadth away. Having been fed on a healthy diet of only 'english' authors
    from Dumas to Grisham i can proudly say Mr.Venkatesh can walk into that
    group with his head held high.

    I feel novels like PS should be enjoyed as an adventure and not be
    nit-picked by groups.

    In Kamal Hassan's words "Kavithai sonna anubavikkanum..araaya koodaathu!"
  • I guess it was a very well thought of a sequel to PS
    and hence well received by people.

    Venkat, when is Vol-4 planned?
  • Yes SPs

    not enough info on one of our greatest historians.

    why dont you check up authors bio in "colas"
    we could get a link from there.


    > Dear Venkateswaran,
    > Venkat is asking for KAN details..
    > surprisingly there is NOT much written on KAN varalatrin Varalaru !
  • Hi,

    May I know the name of the book and also is it

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • Hi,

    Which book you mean???

    Venkat's PS sequel's name is "Kavirin Maiden" and it should be
    available in all the leading book houses.
  • You can also buy KM from www.anyindian.com
    This site's catalogue is very good.
  • Thanks Siva's!

    I didn't know that Akhizhan was also known as Venkat.


  • Hi,

    Akhizan wrote Vengayin Maindan in 1960's(i suppose). that is a
    different book. It cannot be called as a sequel to PS, but a great
    novel about Rajendra.

    Kaveri Maithan is the book written by R Venkatesh, one of the most
    active members of this group with the pen name Anusha Venkatesh.
  • Hi

    U can read the authors note on vengaiyin mainthan..he clearly states that he was inspired by kakli n ps..... Elango's portrayal is very similar to vanthiyatevan who himself plays a lovely la amitabh style elderly but entertaining thatta character. True rrc is long gone during vengaiyin mainthan storyline but the seed was from ps tree.

  • Hi,

    Till now i knew that KM written by Anusha Venkatesh. But i dont that author is one of our great member in PS group. Im very proud to be a member in this group.
    But i dont know the details of our members.

    Can i get member details in our PS group website or Do we have the details of all members somewher else?
    Please tell me...
  • Member details-laam konjam konjamaaga veli vanthaal thaan oru thrill
    novel-oda kadaisi pakkaththai kadaisila thaan padikkanum.
    cinema-voda climax kadaisila thaan paarkanum
    naan e-mail iththoda mudichikidaren
  • I wish more will read KM, so that we can start interesting and fruitful
    discussions on the novel, characters, instances etc. as we do with PS.
    Of course, only with the permission of Venkatesh. The plot, pace, style,
    twists and turns - all the elements are good.

  • Hi All,
    Am a silent member of this group.

    The Book name is Kaviri mainthan by Anusha Venkatesh. I got all the
    three volumes from Higginbothams- Near to Spencers-Chennai.
  • Dear Rahul

    I will put it simple:

    Aattai vetturadhukku munnaadi adha kettukkittaa vetturaanga.
  • I am under the impression it is asked and it gives consent by a gentle
  • muruganandam

    " feroze gandhi" biography varattum.

    appuram theiryum aadu thali aattuthaannu

  • Ennamo ponga sir. Muruganandham veetukku auto-vil 'porul' varamaa irundha
    sari. It is safer to write about the first family of 1007 AD than 2007 AD.
  • Siva, auto-laam pona decade-ma.
    ippallaam tata sumo thaan.
  • Thanks Sivaram,

    I am very much honoured to be in this group where the
    author of the great Epic is also present.



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