Journals ansd Archives - Some action points
  • Dear all...'re right about archiving- and I've received Mani's papers (I got
    them a few weeks ago.I wrote a mail back then too). all the people who volunteered to type it up...what's up, guys? Have
    you got your copies?

    Its only after we get it all typed up can we think about getting it online.
  • Pavithra,

    I think somebody LOVES those journel papers. I havent got my copy
    yet. But, I am optimistic. :(

    Pavithra, could you please take up the job and also assign me some
    work (proof reading, or typing up some scanned papers.)

    (who has been checking the mail box and been pestering the post
    office people incessantly)
  • Hello mathy,

    The journal papers that i sent you were "Returned to the
    sender/RENVOI A L' EXPEDITEUR" and the reason being - Moived/DEMENAGE.

    I have just cut and pasted the address u sent me. :( . I dont know
    how it can return.

    Also, i sent all the post from my school and i did not check my mail
    box for quite sometime. I got the returned mail on friday from my
    mail box.

    Sorry abt that.,
  • maha janangalE,
    I too concur with Arul. I can also help in OCR. So if the papers
    are in english or other major languauges of the virtual world
    [not tamil :-(] I could OCR them.
    Now, where are the papers?

  • Anbudaiyeer,
    Naan munbu kooriyadhu pola, proof reading seiya iyaluma endru theriyavillai (enadhu aluval paLu edhirpaaraavidhamaga adhigamaagivittadhal). aanaal, OCR scan seiyum vasadhi ennidamum irupadhal, aththozhil seiyum Arul, Yagna kootaniyil sera virumbukiren.

    Mathy, unga volunteer list maathikanga. Latha type panradha proofread panrennu sollirundhen. Latha, can we swap duties? I'll scan and U can proofread. Send me in any of the following format: hard copy, jpg, png, tif, bmp or pdf.
  • Enakku edhu venalum seri. I'm waiting to hear from Mathy/Pavi to know
    which of the seven papers I'm typing in. Once they let me know, I'll
    send you the hard copy, Thilak. Seriya?

    Enna koottaniyo enge paarthalum :-)

  • Hi Pavi / others taking care of Journals & Archives,

    Do I have any role in this?.. Or has all the work been allotted?....

    Kindly intimate.

    And, on ur travellogues, Is is SIMPLY SUPERB!!!

    Carry on... I feel like I have accompanied all in the Irandaam Yaathirai... Since I am working vigorously on the PS messages job, I have not sent any reply / comments on ur beautiful presentation.. and once again,


    Love / Suji
  • Hi all,

    Slightly busy with office work. Sorry for the late reply.

    I volunteer for proof reading the articles.

    Ippo scan panna thaan aaL TedaNum.

    Pavithra I think you have scanner at home or at ur father's office. If so can you scan the papers. I will enquire in my office for scanning but I doubt whether they will allow to scan so many papers. Illenna namba krupa irukkave irukkan.

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